5 Ways To Get More Energy In The Afternoon

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The struggle of the mid-day slump is too real. We all know about it, we see it coming, day after day, but we don't do anything to stop it. We're just helpless, sitting at our desks, waiting to be hit by the snooze train. You know, you're on fire in the late morning, you've got that caffeine buzz, you're on top of your emails, you're kicking ass and taking names. You've finally shaken off the sleep you didn't get enough of, you've acclimated to the fluorescent lights and office chaos. By lunchtime, you're ravenous. You scarf down your meal with a vengeance. And then about an hour or two later, your brain stops working. It flatlines screaming *nap* *nap* *nap*. Your posture slumps. Your attention span folds. You want to curl up on a couch and watch reruns of the Secret World of Alex Mack and eat Goldfish. But you can't, because you're an adult and you're at work.

And no matter how big of a breakfast you eat, no matter how much coffee you guzzle, that 2 p.m. slump comes hard. And while it's totally common, there's actually no reason to be defeated by it. There are plenty of ways to combat the energy-sucking hour — you just have to make some slight adjustments to your afternoon. Here are a few of the most effective ways to rejuvenate your senses and stop the sleepytime train in its tracks.


Energy from protein is much more evenly distributed than energy from carbs. While bread might wake you up and make you feel full, that feeling won't last long and you're destined to crash. Whereas protein will give you the energy to keep from plummeting, without an impending crash. Cheese, eggs, and meat are great sources of protein.


Essential oils have aromatic qualities that are proven to change the way you feel. Bright citrus scents can wake you up and energize you. Orange and lemon will wake up your body while peppermint and rosemary will wake up your mind.


While calm, down-tempo music might help you work best, take some time after lunch to listen to some up-tempo, exhilarating music. Make sure it's something that's toe-tapping and speaks to your inner rhythm goddess. Challenge your brain activity with something totally different than what you were listening to before. If you don't have access to music, catch up on some gossip at the watercooler — seriously. Anything energetic and different will help you shift your brain activity.


You've been looking at a bright screen all day, take a few minutes to looks at something else. If you can get away from your desk, go on a walk, get some natural sunlight and take your eyes away from technology. If you can't leave the office, spend a good 10 minutes looking out the window. If you don't have a window, stare at your co-worker. Just give your eyes a break, they need it more than you know.


A mid-day stretch can do the body and mind wonders. Do whatever you can to get your limbs moving and the blood flowing. Stretch your arms over your head at your desk or head out into the hallway and do some toe touches and twists. If the vibe in your office allows, do some jumping jacks or jog in place. The point of all of these slump-busters is harness the energy you already have.

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