How To Get Grass Stains Out Of Your Jeans

by Emily McClure

Spring has officially sprung, and it's time to break out your favorite denim clothing. From comfy shorts to chambray shirts, spring fashion thoroughly embraces all things denim — and denim thoroughly embraces grass stains. But there's no need to fear for your perfect white jeans: In fact, there is a foolproof method to fighting off any lingering stains that may ruin your denim for good. In just three steps, you can save your clothing from permanent discoloration.

As any lover of picnics in the park knows, grass stains can be the worst. Simply sitting on the ground can send waves of cautious terror through any fashionista. But instead of letting nature get in the way of a perfect outfit, arm yourself with the knowledge that you can get any stains out in five minutes flat. This method is simple yet effective at beating back discoloration. Just keep in mind that removing stains is all about timing: The sooner than you can get your clothing to a scrubbing station, the better. Allowing the stains to soak in only will prolong their lifespan. Wondering what this magical three-step system is? Here is the foolproof way to remove grass stains from denim clothing.

1. Pre-Treat The Stain

If you notice a grass stain on your favorite piece of denim, don't panic. Start by pre-treating the discoloration with a stain removing treatment such as laundry detergent, dish soap, or even vinegar. Allow the liquid to soak into the fabric for at least 30 minutes, according to

2. Scrub

After the 30 minute presoak, Real Simple recommends to scrub the liquid into the fabric using a toothbrush or nailbrush. This will help to get the liquid into every last fiber, which will help to thoroughly remove the stain.

3. Launder

For the last step, throw the denim into the laundry with similar clothing and fabrics. This will help to prevent any further staining or fading, according to Good Housekeeping. If you notice the stain is still lingering after one wash, repeat the method again before sticking your clothes in the dryer.

Easy, right?

Images: Pixabay (1); Emily McClure (3)