The Zombie Apocalypse Hits NYC

AMC recently staged a promotion for The Walking Dead that will make you say, "Where is the lawsuit from the person who had a heart attack?" In New York City's Union Square, AMC planted actors dressed as zombies in a subway grate in order to prank pedestrians. This, of course, was not only a prank, it was a way to drum up interest for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead which will air Sunday, Feb. 9.

Before setting out to trick random people, the actors were put in full zombie makeup and an artificial subway grate was constructed which lets the "zombies' stick their hands through at unknowing passersby. AMC released a video of the preparation and the actual prank which shows a number of people being scared. These range from older men to teenage girls to a couple who almost fell down running away in horror. The best part though is an adorable little girl who doesn't know any better than to just stare down at them. Children are always the most accepting people!

With so many people being scared it actually is surprising that we aren't hearing reports of any injuries to people who were startled or to the zombies. You would think at least one person's reaction would be to kick them or step on their hands, but it appears everyone handled it well. This is a good thing! It's nice to know we live in a society where people can be terrified by fake zombies without court cases being pursued or anyone getting beat up.