Welcome Spring With These Real Flower Phone Cases

by Kat George

Spring has not quite sprung (despite it being actually the season of spring), but these real flower phone cases will certainly make you feel like it has. From Etsy store House of Blings, the clear cases come with real flowers embedded in them in adorable little flora-inspired designs. Some are arranged to make mini cherry blossom trees, while others remain in their original flower form. All of them are vibrantly colored and will make you feel like you're texting into a bouquet. The phone cases prove that nature and technology can make happy bedfellows, and real flowers on your phone should inspire you to put your phone down (face down, of course, so you can still imagine the flower arrangements) and frolic in the outdoors this spring. It's not surprising that House of Blings' byline reads, "From ordinary to extraordinary."

The cases are available for iPhones (ranging from 4 to 6 with all the S-es too) and Samsungs, and are handmade in the US (in California, of course). All the flowers used are handpicked, sun dried and pressed before being installed in the resin of the clear case. A disclaimer on the listings says, "No two flowers look alike so there will be a slight different from the one in the picture. Picture doesn't do it justice until you hold it in hand." The phone cases start at around $14 and go up from there. Let's take a lot at some of these pretties:

1. This Magical Mini Cherry Blossom Tree

Crystal Clear Case - Blossom Tree Spring Theme, $16.55,

When the cherry blossoms are blooming outside you're probably going to have a lot of runny noses and sore eyes (if you, like me, have allergies), but you'll also have that hopeful, limitless feeling that comes when the world starts to come to life again in pink and green.

2. This Purple Dream

Purple Daisy Pressed Dried Flower, $16.95,

Imagine a field of purple flowers, and let your phone case take you there. These tall blooms will inspire you on countryside walks in the spring.

3. It's Raining Flowers

Purple Passion w/ White Daisy Design, $19.55,

The flowers in this arrangement seem to be falling from the sky. Which is the most whimsical type of rain I can think of, unless you added glitter, bubbles, and puppies gliding down in parachutes.

4. This One With Butterflies!

Crystal Clear Case: Pink Blossom w/ Red Butterfly case, $18.95,

The butterflies don't seem to be real, but regardless, they look pretty cute floating over your flowers. This is the kind of phone case a Disney Princess would have, if we were to reimagine Disney Princesses with cell phones.

5. This Lucky Case

Plus Crystal Clear Case: Saint Patrick's Day Theme face plate, $14.55,

If you're looking for a little bit of extra luck this spring, put your faith in your phone case.

Images: House of Blings/Etsy