These Things Go Wrong When Attempting A Blowout

As a woman trying to DIY her way through life, a lot can go wrong. There are many mistakes to be made when attempting to beautify at home, and giving yourself an at-home blowout is no exception. This is really not much of a surprise considering how popular services like Drybar have become.

As someone who is challenged by all things beauty, I have always marveled at the skills of actual professional hairstylists. I work with so many of them in my internship at FOX, but can barely seem to do simple styling with my own hands. I am also quite unfamiliar with the science that goes into keeping hair looking like Selena Gomez's mane in that new Pantene commercial.

However, there is always room for improvement and always room for learning. Because I am new to this world of glamour, I have put together some research and a few warnings for those of you who feel like me when trying to style your hair at home. Blowouts, when done correctly can look amazing, but without the proper steps necessary will leave you feeling annoyed at the time it takes, and discouraged about your beauty skills.

Here are a few errors to keep yourself from making when trying a blowout at home!

1. You Will Try To Blow-Dry In A Humid Bathroom

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If you feel like you're in the Bahamas move to a different spot. Humidity can lead to majorly frizzy hair, so Allure suggests moving out of your shower-steamed bathroom when attempting to blow dry.

2. Your Hair Will Be Too Wet

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According to Daily Makeover, your hair should be around 60 percent dry before blow drying. Yup, that's right! This is because "the longer your hair is exposed to the heat, the more damage is likely to occur." Women's Health Magazine recommends trying the cold shot setting on your dryer to check for wet spots while you let your hair air dry!

3. You Will Be Lazy About Heat Protectant

Living proof blowout spray, $24, Ulta

The last thing you want to do is damage your hair. Using heat protectant is really just common sense when you're working with curling wands or straightening tools. It's almost more important than using the right hairdryer! Plus, if you use the right products, the difference is visible!

4. You Won't Use The Right Hairdryer

Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt Styling Tool With Twist Folding Handle, $39.99, Conair

Beauty Editor recommends picking up a dryer with 1,500 watts of power. There is a fine balance between leaving too much moisture and frizzing out your hair. Try this Conair dryer which is similar to the one I use at home, or consult some other experts, like the pros at Allure.

5. You Won't Use Your Dryer Correctly

Women's Health recommends holding a blow dryer by the handle and using a round brush to pull hair away from the head. The nozzle should not be too directed onto your brush, or you'll risk burning, according to HelloGiggles. You also want to watch your heat setting! You should be using the lowest one possible for a good blow dry and consider utilizing the cool shot button if you want your hair to hold.

6. You Won't Keep Tension While Sectioning Hair

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The tension in each section of hair is what keeps your hair sleek and bouncy instead of frizzy, according to Blow Dry Styles. Make sure you pull your brush all the way through your hair for a healthy and smooth look. Move from roots to tips, and keep the dryer approximately five inches away from strands, according to Beauty Editor. The roots retain the most moisture, according to Latest-Hairstyles, so you're going to want to hit those first.

7. You Won't Allow Your Blowout To Set

Superfine Hair Spray, $33,

Step away from the blow dryer and give your hair some time. Consider some cool setting products to deal and prevent fly-aways and fluffiness. Women's Health says using a finishing spray like the one from Oribe pictured above or oil to help seal the cuticle will work nicely.

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