When Will ‘Portlandia’ Return For Season 7? These 9 Sketches Should Be More Than Enough To Pass The Time

The sixth season finale of IFC’s irreverent sketch comedy series Portlandia airs Thursday, March 24. The show has become a fan favorite featuring memorable characters — portrayed almost entirely by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein — and commentary on modern subculture that blends into the mainstream. It’s amazing that two artists have been able to tackle so much, for so long. With the Season 6 finale just around the corner, fans are already wondering when Portlandia will return for Season 7.

According to TV Line, IFC ordered Seasons 6 and 7 of Portlandia simultaneously in 2015, so the series will definitely be back. The only question is when. No premiere date has been set for Season 7 yet, but the last two seasons both premiered in January (as did Seasons 1 and 2), so it's likely that we'll next see Armisen and Brownstein in January 2017. The only seasons that didn't have a January premiere began in December and February, so one thing we can definitely count on is a winter return.

Before you get upset at the possibility of waiting seven months for more Portlandia, take solace in the excellence that was Season 6, and what's ahead in the finale. The much anticipated noodle monster will hilariously take over Portland on March 24 and I can’t wait to see how Carrie, Fred, and the gang handle this larger than life creature. In honor of the finale (and impending hiatus), here are the nine best sketches from Season 6 — plus one bonus.

1. TSA Red Carpet

Because not even TSA pre-check can save you from the line at security any more. And, a weird part of you actually wants this.

2. "Weirdos" At The Beach

Watch these beloved characters that wear layers of black clothes, avoid sunlight, and hate crowds attempt to enjoy the beach, a nearly impossible feat.

3. TV Theme Songs

There's something you've never noticed about your favorite TV theme songs before...

4. The Mayor's Kids

Are they 12, 22, or 32? I'm not sure, but I promise not all millennials are like this.

5. Getting Your Steps...

We all know these people. Who knew walking could be competitive?

6. "Ex-Pat Shanty"

This ode to the modern men and women who have moved around a lot from the episode "Shville" proves that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Also, who doesn't love a good musical number?

7. Logo Design

Because there is no one definition of womanhood. Also, pizza.

8. Family Emergency

Louis C.K. allegedly had a family emergency in this sketch.

9. Vape Shop Decorating

You're not truly getting the vape store experience if the carpet is clean.

Bonus: Tsukemen Ceremony From The Season 6 Finale

Could this be the noodle monster's origin story? Based on this preview, the Season 6 finale alone will provide enough laughs to help fans survive the wait until Portlandia Season 7 premieres.