Don't Do This When Applying Mascara

Mascara is, hands down, one of the most important makeup essentials for any beauty routine. (Well, at least for me it is.) Whether you're super late for work and don't have a ton of time to do your entire face or you need a quick fixer-upper during your date, you can always count on mascara to give you that extra glam touch. However, there is one thing you should never do when applying mascara that might change your makeup game altogether: pump your wand. Say what?!

Yes, the reason for the lack of density in your lashes, as well as all the clumps in your mascara, could be caused by a habit that is easily avoidable. The CEO and founder of Makeup Geek told Good Housekeeping, "Don't pump the wand in and out of the bottle. This pushes air into the tube, which will make the mascara dry out faster, causing clumping and flaking."

I can definitely admit that I've done this way too many times and always wondered why my mascara would keep drying out. I'd end up buying more and more bottles without realizing that pumping my mascara wand actually dried out the product!

Instead of pumping your wand, Marlena explains, "Gently twist the wand back and forth or in circular motions to pick up the desired amount of product."

Along with making sure you don't ever pump your wand again, here are other ways to keep you mascara and lashes clump-free:

Find The Right Brush

High Impact Mascara, $17, Clinique

I've found that picking the right brush is really important when choosing a mascara. I really like brushes that have a straight brush rather than a curved shape. It gives me a lot of control and helps me achieve the look that I want.

Stick With Waterproof

MAC False Lashes Waterproof, $22, Macys

I've also found that using waterproof mascara works best for my lashes. Because of it's consistency and long-wear capability, I always try to use waterproof mascara for my makeup looks. Just make sure you use the right kind of product to take it all off afterward.

Take Your Time

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

NY-based celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni told She Finds, "The number one mistake women make when applying mascara is rushing through the application and not bringing the wand close enough to the roots of their eyelashes. For the best results bring the wand as close to the roots of your lashes and wiggle the wand left and right as you pull it though your lashes.” Remember: Wiggle when you move your brush in and out of its tube, and wiggle some more onto your lashes.

Change Your Mascara

Although I change my mascara all the time (since they always dry out due to pumping), it's important to consider the fact that your mascara might be old. That could be the reason your mascara isn't giving you lush, full lashes. The recommended date of keeping it is up to three months, so if you've had yours longer than that, go ahead and treat yourself to a new tube.

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