Where 'Scandal' & 6 More of Your Favorite Shows Left Off (and When They'll Return, Too)

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It's a known fact that the beginning of the year is a slow time for movies. Oscar contenders have come and gone, there's an influx of Valentine's Day-themed flicks, and the weather's bad enough for most people to stay in instead of heading out to the theater. So typically, that's where TV's come in, acting as a nice replacement during those long few months before decent movies make their debuts. Yet this year, thanks to some networks' questionable scheduling decisions, many of our favorite shows have taken early 2014 off, going on a crazy-long hiatus that doesn't end until the final days of February.

Depriving us of new episodes of Scandal and The Mindy Project is cruel and unusual punishment, and unfortunately, there's not anything we can do about it, except watch repeats online and count down the days until our favorite long-lost shows finally return. When they do finally come back, you'll want to be prepared — so take a look back at where some of TV's best shows left off back in December. Obviously, spoilers.

Image: ABC

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