The First Look At 'Bridget Jones's Baby' Is Here!

It's nice to know that while some things change, others often stay the same. Case-in-point: In the teaser to the trailer of Bridget Jones's Baby (the full trailer is due out on March 23), we find that our good friend Bridget Jones is, in fact, pretty much up to her same old antics. Yes, this time she's expecting a child (as the title suggests) — but other than that, the teaser seems to suggest that Bridget is mostly exactly the same as we left her in Edge of Reason in 2004: Strutting her stuff down the streets of London, being wooed by beautiful men (hey, Patrick Dempsey!), and prone to tripping in very dramatic and very muddy ways. Gotta love it.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't reveal much in the way of plot. So, we're left with what we knew before: A now 43-year-old Bridget is pregnant, and unsure if the baby daddy is Mark Darcy or Patrick Dempsey's unnamed character. So, though Bridget has aged, she has most definitely not gotten her sh*t together.

Honestly, it's good to know that some stuff about Bridget's life hasn't changed — she always gave me hope I could continue being a child for as long as I liked. Here are a few of the things that have stayed the same... and one thing that hasn't:

1. She's Still Strutting Her Stuff In London

Get it, girl!

2. She's Still Partying

What I would give to attend a party with Bridget Jones. (All the unfilled diaries in the world is what.)

3. She's Still Lacking Grace

And we wouldn't want it any other way.

4. She's Still Caught In A Love Triangle

Oddly enough, I don't mind that Hugh Grant isn't the third point of this triangle. Patrick Dempsey is more than qualified to take his place.

5. But There Is One Difference...

There's going to be a baby! A baby girl, perhaps?!

Though the world is a constant changing place, it's nice to know that some things never change. Carry on Bridget, keep on being you. It's characters like you that keep us all centered.

Images: Universal Pictures UK/YouTube (6)