How Will Eddie Thawne Return To 'The Flash'? "Flash Back" Will Pack An Emotional Punch

I've noticed that The Flash just loves to bring back its dead characters, only to rip open the gaping wound in my heart even further. As if resurrecting Ronnie Raymond — or technically, Deathstorm — wasn't enough, the preview for next week's episode reveals that Eddie Thawne is coming back to The Flash , too. And, it looks to be on this earth. Well, Earth-1.

But, how exactly is the very dead Eddie back and looking very alive? Time travel, of course! At least, that's what Wells is leading us to believe when he rattles on about traveling back in time to a decidedly off-looking Barry. And by "off-looking" I mean, sort of... devious? I don't know, man. A non-altruistic Barry freaks me out. Oh, and then there's the Pied Piper being back and the whole Harry Potter reference thrown in there, because apparently there's a death eater thing wreaking havoc.

Don't worry, though. posted The CW's episode synopsis for "Flash Back," which helps explain Eddie's return much more than the preview. It seems Barry has a good reason for messing with the time/space continuum, yet again.

You can watch the full preview below, and just keep the context of that episode summary in mind if you want to understand what's actually happening.

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Prepare yourselves for this cruel Eddie tease with some tissues. "Flash Back" is not going to be an easy episode of The Flash to digest.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW