Hairstyle Hacks: 6 Ways to Take Your Hair From Everyday to AMAZING

Ever been in a hair rut? Yeah, it happens. Good news is that you probably don't need to learn a whole new set of hair skills or spend hours on Youtube practising tricky braids.

All you really need to do is read this guide to the simple hacks that turn your standard, everyday styles into killer hair looks. They're SO simple, we promise. Watch and learn:

Change Your Part

Most of us have center parts, so we naturally gravitate towards a center style. No matter which hairstyle you have in mind — up-do, straight hair, cascading waves — moving your part to the left or right can make a huge difference and take your look from same-same to WOW.

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Leave Your Curls in Tact

Any tutorial about curling your hair with a tong or iron instructs you to wait for the curls to set before brushing them out with your fingers or a flat brush. This works great 90 percent of the time, as brushed out curls look naturally chic and flatter the face. That said, don’t be afraid to take your next Saturday night look to the next level by keeping your curls in their tight ringlet form to get a sexy, retro look a la Rita Ora.

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Turn a bun into a braided bun

Try this with any bun: side, low or top-knot style. Simply create a tight plait (adding a hair piece if you need to), then wrap around in a bun shape and affix with pins.

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Volumize, volumize, volumize!

It’s Miranda Kerr’s signature move, and with good reason. Taking your front section of hair from one side, lightly tease or curl with an iron and flip over to the other side, exposing a deep side part. The resulting height upfront creates a frame for your face that’s super flattering.

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Get some height at the crown

The humble half-up-half-down look is an everyday staple, but take this look from day to night by backcombing the top section of hair at the crown to create some killer height. Hold in place with a spritz of strong hold hairspray, and you’ve got yourself a 60s-esque style to rival enthusiast Adele.

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Throw in a sneaky braid

If you’re already all about the side part, over the shoulder,and height at the crown styles, try bringing in this simple little trick for instant chic. A tiny, plaited braid will elevate your after-dark look, and as Cara D. demonstrates here, highlights a gorgeous cheekbone.

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