Serial Killers on 'The Following' Are Extremely Good Looking For a Reason

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Depending on your point of view, The Following can be two things. It can be a nihilistic blood bath whose point is to make you paranoid of just about everyone around you, or it can be a social commentary on our violent-obsessed culture. Honestly, it's probably somewhere in between — and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm totally onboard for Kevin Williamson's craziest show to date.

For those who haven't watched The Following, the show is about an FBI agent named Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, woot!) who must track down Poe-obsessed lit-professor-turned-serial-killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Unfortunately for Ryan, Joe's special brand of British charm has allowed him to recruit other serial killers and create a massive killer cult that hangs on his every word.

Joe Carroll and his cult is a gigantic metaphor for the way our society glorifies violence and the show typically focuses on the cult making a spectacle out of their murders. It's not surprising then that The Following itself acts as a similar metaphor by giving us an inside look at not only Ryan Hardy's quest for justice but at the warped minds of the charming, attractive, and seriously deluded killers within Joe Caroll's cult. Yeah, these killers are basically just a bunch of Ted Bundy's running around and terrorizing everybody, and somehow that allows us to become even more interested in their stories.

Though the show kills characters off almost as frequently and arbitrarily as The Vampire Diaries — another Williamson show — it still manages to pack in some creepily hot serial killers. Is the point to illustrate the glory of violence, or just for audiences to ogle these sexy serial killers? And does that make us believe that the violence is sexy?

Whatever your take on the issue, here are 8 evil characters on the show who somehow manage to charm us every episode.

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