What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

Roses are red, violets are blue, all your friends are getting married this spring, and you need a new dress, too. OK, maybe there's a reason I'm not yet a poet laureate, but I do know how to find what to wear a to a spring wedding without breaking the bank on a new outfit. Whether your friend's shindig is formal or casual, you're gonna look and feel great with #MoneyInTheBank!

While the looks below are pulled from various web stores, I also want to take a moment to shout-out to the glorious place that is your local thrift store. If you're a thrifting newbie, I'd recommend trying to find a Crossroads, Beacon's Closet, or Buffalo Exchange where clothing is pretty well-organized by color/style/size.

I've always had incredible luck digging through these places when I need to find something to wear for a specific occasion, but don't want to spend a ton of money. And remember, if you find something you like that doesn't quite fit, you can always get it tailored just a bit for a few extra dollars.

If you don't have time to thrift around, don't stress. Check out these dreamy dresses depending on the wedding vibe. The best part? They all clock in at under $100


Ladder Lace Midi Dress

Ladder Lace Midi Dress, $89, Kimchi Blue

This bright floral dress gives off all kinds of good vibes.

High Neck Midi Dress

High Neck Midi Dress, $28.80, Nordstrom

This nautical boho striped dress is perfect for dancing the night away under the stars (and having too much fun at the open bar).

Navy Culotte Jumpsuit

Navy Culotte Jumpsuit, $48, Alice&You

Yes, jumpsuits at weddings are 100 percent allowed.


Pin-Up Cherry Print (Plus Available)

Pin-Up Cherry Print Dress, $49.90, LadyMayraClothing

Prepare to outdo the bride with this gorgeous and fun halter dress!

Surplice Skater Dress

Surplice Skater Dress, $27.60, Nordstrom

Black gets a springy touch thanks to sweet florals.

Square Neck Shift Dress

Square Neck Shift Dress, $42, Nordstrom

With the right jewelry and shoes, this dress can be made incredibly, well, dressy.


Deep V Empire Waist Maxi Dress

Deep V Empire Waist Maxi Dress, $79, Ecote

This is borderline gown territory, while still maintaining that soft spring touch.

Bandeau Maxi Dress

Bandeau Maxi Dress, $77, TrulyYou

This chiffon oozes understated glamour.

Wiggle Dress In Floral Print

Wiggle Dress In Floral Print, $68, Asos

Sweet, sexy, and sultry.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands