What Color Should You Dye Your Hair? Take This Quiz And Find Out

"What color should I dye my hair?" This is a question I ponder every time I visit my salon, spot a head-turning color on the street, or read an article about the latest beauty trends. Given that I have a wild mane of curls, I tend to shy away from DIY home coloring, but a girl can still dream (and plan).

As long as you have your fundamentals down pat, at-home hair color doesn't have to be scary. But before you open up that box, you'll want to ask yourself a few important questions: Will your skin tone play well with your desired hair color? Are you looking for a low-maintenance 'do, or a drastic change? Is your hair healthy enough to proceed? Are you emotionally ready for a big change?

In partnership with Schwarzkopf, we put together a handy guide to fulfilling all of your at-home hair color dreams. Whether you're looking to go bleached blonde, deep black, or vibrant red, the options are endless — but it always helps to get a little guidance and inspiration along the way.

Click here to play "What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?"