9 Morning Habits Successful People Have

Virginia Woolf once said: “I work early in the morning, before my nasty critic gets up — he rises about noon. By then, I've put in much of a day's work.” Tons of people (including researchers) believe morning people are happier and more successful, which is why knowing about the morning habits successful people have (and adopting them yourself) can have a positive impact on your life.

Personally, I wasn’t always a morning person. I used to take after my musician dad, who did his best work around 4 a.m. and was lucky if he saw an hour of sunlight on a Sunday. That being said, I’ve always been a routine person, and it turns out that routines are pretty central to a successful person’s life, too. That’s why insanely successful entrepreneurs (like Mark Zuckerberg) wear the same thing every day — so that they can focus their mental energy on more important things.

When I finally got around to shifting my routine so it started about seven hours earlier, pure magic ensued. If you’re looking to get more done and increase your overall level of happiness, a morning routine is your answer. Here’s a list of the best and most effective morning habits of successful people and a few tips about how to easily implement them in your own life.

They Drink Caffeine At the Right Time

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker, $39, Amazon; Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug, $15, Amazon

Scientists found that morning coffee drinkers who consume their cups between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. are less likely to crash later on due to the natural rise and fall of blood levels. Brew yours in this Hamilton Beach single-serve coffee maker that's more affordable than similar options on the market — and a lot more environmentally friendly. Instead of plastic one-use cups, it uses a tiny single-serve filter, and its stainless steel material is made to last. Reviewers love it because it’s reliable, compact, quiet, and easy to clean. Pour your fresh cup into a vacuum-sealed travel mug to keep coffee hot for your entire eight-hour day.

They Take Morning Showers

Organic Coffee Soap Bar, $7, Amazon

Highly successful (and less stressed) people swear by cold showers in the morning. They increase adrenaline and energy as well as help boost your immune system. This organic coffee soap bar can be a great way to wake up during showering, too, if cold water's too intense. It's formulated with all-natural ingredients like Columbian coffee, coconut oil, and shea butter, which invigorate your skin and senses to help give you a little jolt first thing in the morning. It’s also made without chemicals or fillers, so it won’t damage the pH if your skin, and reviewers love the smell and the gently exfoliating texture.

They Sleep Well

Mammoth Air Aromatherapy Purifier, $27, Amazon

A huge part of your morning routine has nothing to do with the morning — it starts the night before. This aromatherapy purifier helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It continuously releases a light mist of your favorite essential oils to relax your body and mind (tip: use lavender to pass right out), while its auto-off feature keeps safety in mind. It purifies and humidifies the air, too, so you’ll breathe clearly all night long. Plus, you can switch out your essential oils for more energizing ones the second you wake up.

They Meditate

7 Steps to M orning Meditation: A Beginner's Guide , $11, Amazon; Round Zafu Cushion, $32, Amazon

Wildly successful people like Oprah and Ray Dalio meditate daily, and if you’re not sure where to start, these two things will help. The 7 Steps to Morning Meditation gives you an insightful introduction to meditation by guiding you through different types that work best for you. Readers say author Clayton Geoffreys helped them understand (and successfully adopt) the practice. This round yoga cushion sets you up for success by raising your hips above your legs — the traditional position for meditation. It’s comfortable and stylish, made with all-natural fibers, and you can adjust the amount of the stuffing for personalized firmness.

They Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Stamina Folding Trampoline, $37, Amazon

Morning exercisers not only get it out of the way, but they boost their mood and energy levels for the day. Stamina's folding trampoline is awesome for rebounding (a low-impact exercise that increases heart rate and stimulates your lymphatic system, without stressing your joints). This mini-trampoline is durable and stable, but it folds for easy storage, and because it’s made with bands instead of springs, it’s safer and much quieter. It’s a great way to get in a quick workout before starting your day, as it’s convenient, easy, and makes you feel like a kid again.

They Know How To Fuel Up

Non-Stick Divided Skillet, $50, Amazon

A solid, protein-filled breakfast is incredible because it balances your appetite and gives you a boost of long-lasting energy that won’t drag you down like a carb-based breakfast will. This divided skillet lets you quickly and easily cook two things at once — bacon and eggs, anyone? — and because it’s non-stick and durable, clean-up is a breeze. One side is ribbed like a griddle for meat, while the other is smooth, and reviewers say it quickly became their favorite pan because of its high quality and versatility.

They Write Everything Down

Twilight Garden Notebook, $4, Amazon

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before: Writing things down not only organizes your thoughts and inspires a routine, but it encourages you to actually do them. I’ve got a book just like this pretty floral notebook, and I use it for everything, including my daily and long-term to-do lists. In fact, I don’t get anything done without it. It’s subtly lined to prompt organization without stifling your creativity, and because it’s compact, durable, and comes with a stay-closed elastic band, you can easily slip it into your bag and take it anywhere. This one also has a back pocket to hold notes and business cards, so you always know where to find things.

They Believe In Affirmations

Imagine Throw Cover, $6, Amazon; Live Simply Throw Cover, $5, Amazon

Successful people love positive affirmations because they can help overcome negative thought-patterns by rewiring your brain with uplifting ones. These two beautiful throw pillow covers, "Imagine" and "Live Simply," prompt motivation, inspiration, and positivity, and they're a constant reminder to appreciate life. They’re both made from durable material and have a hidden zipper for easy washing. Since they’re brightly colored and feature encouraging words, they’ll add an uplifting ambiance to any room or space.

They Drink Water

Acquablend Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, $11, Amazon

Our bodies are about 60 percent water, and our brains need that water in order to regulate communication between synapses. This Acquablend water bottle helps you effortlessly infuse water with your favorite fruit flavors. It has an easy-to-clean lid and spill-proof design that you can take anywhere, and because you’ll be motivated to drink more vitamin-filled water, your brain will be working at optimum efficiency all day long. Dehydration impairs short-term memory retention and ability to concentrate, and that’s why successful people drink a lot of water in the morning.

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