Free Videos To Help You Unwind

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Life can get pretty stressful, and most of us can't exactly afford weekly massage sessions or spa days to help release anxiety. But worry not — there are actually tons of super helpful soothing videos to help you sleep and relax online that are 100 percent free of charge, and that are often led by some super legitimate relaxation gurus.

And making time for stress release is more important than you might think. According to the Mayo Clinic, the more regularly we feel stressed, the harder it is for our bodies to return to our normal "non-stressed" state, meaning that our bodies can become full of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol even in low stress situations. This flood of hormones can lead to high blood pressure, sleep problems, heart issues, and even certain forms of cancers.

The Mayo Clinic noted the importance of stress management techniques to control and minimize feelings of daily anxiety so that our bodies are better able to recenter after stressful moments or encounters. And again, since we don't all have the time or the money for retreats or hour-long mediation sessions, sometimes we need to get creative when it comes to relaxing.

In an effort to make super free and super effective relaxation videos as easy to find as possible, I've compiled a list of the nine most awesome relaxation videos on YouTube. So relax already!

1. Quick Relaxation

This video from UK-based life coach Diana Parkinson is perfect for when you're feeling super stressed and just need to take 10 minutes for yourself. I especially find it helpful for when I need to "recharge" between stressful tasks.

2. Water Sounds

This video is literally eight full hours of super relaxing water sounds. It's awesome for helping you calm your mind before sleep, or even just for when you need a much needed zone out session.

3. Bird Calls

Much like the above, this one is hours of birds and wind. I like to play it while I drink coffee, do my morning stretches, or even just have it in the background while I work at my desk. It helps creates a super calming ambiance within your space.

4. ASMR Jewelry Box

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is essentially the medical term for when a sound makes your head feel warm and tingly — often from soft, soothing voices. There's even an entire online community devoted to it and it's relaxing properties, and while the above video from The Water Whispers Ilsa may seem kind of weird at first (after all, it's essentially some lady showing you her jewelry) you'll likely find that it is CRAZY relaxing once you give it a chance. Much like the water sounds video, I recommend listening to it if you have trouble falling asleep at night.

5. Rain Stick Video

The relaxing and tingly sensation you feel through ASMR isn't just triggered by voices — it's also brought on by things like tapping. The above video — also from The Water Whisperers — uses a soft voice with a rain stick for the ultimate relaxation effect.

6. Guided Morning Meditation

This ten minute guided mediation video is designed to help you set the right tone for your whole day, as well as provides you with helpful breathing exercises. Just make sure you're seated upright and won't be at risk of falling back asleep!

7. Relaxing Yoga

This video from the yoga instructors at the PsychTruth channel is designed to walk you through yoga moves specifically designed to decrease stress and anxiety to help you sleep. Do it an hour or so before bed to reap the full benefits.

8. Kaleidoscope Visuals

If you're someone who zones out and relaxes by watching visual cues, the above moving kaleidoscope of colors and images is probably perfect for you. Just turn it on and let your anxious feelings melt away.

9. Makeup Tutorial

If you inexplicably find it relaxing to watch people put on makeup, then this video is definitely for you. ASMR-er Whispers Audios walks us through her makeup routine in this super relaxing, super zone out-worthy video.

Life gets stressful, so having a few coping mechanisms up our sleeves is super important. That's why centering yourself with a few super assessable (and super free) relaxation videos can make a major difference in your daily life. So kick off your shoes and start watching!

Image: Kanok Sulaiman/Moment/Getty Images