7 Shoes To Show Off Your Foot Tattoo

When it comes to showing off your foot tattoos, you should always do it in style. Choose shoes that are not only fashion-forward, but also highlight your special ink. These shoes should draw attention to your artwork without looking gaudy or seeming overdone. Sleek, simple shoe styles are perfect for this type of look. They'll bring all the attention to your ink without overpowering your style. Think of them as fun way to show off your inked art.

For those who choose to get tattoos permanently drawn on their feet, they clearly wanted this special artwork to be seen. Why hide your cool tattoos behind bulky socks and contrastive shoes? These inked mementos should be shown off in all their glory, especially now that the weather is warming up. So, go ahead, and say goodbye to your restrictive winter shoes. There weren't that fun, anyway. When it comes to showing off your ink this summer, be fashion-forward. Wondering what shoe styles to choose when wanting to flash your ink? Here are seven shoes styles that are perfect for showing off your foot tattoo.

1. Patent Leather Pumps


Not only are these shoes completely sexy, but they're perfect for revealing your foot tattoo. The openness of the shoe will leave your ink total display, while still remaining classic and chic.

2. Banded Sandals

Marianna Massey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Channel your inner bohemian goddess by displaying your ink with soft banded sandals. It's an effortless way to have all eyes on your ink.

3. Moccasins

Everyone loves a good pair of comfy slippers. The best part? They'll even show off your tattoos.

4. Simple Flats

Talk about a style staple!

5. Pointed Flats

Show off your ink, while at the office with these gorgeous pointed flats.

6. Flip Flops

Because, duh.

7. Soft Slip-Ons

Style meets comfort with these easy shoes.

Don't see a style that fits your personality? Just go barefoot!