Tinder Wants to Match You With The Right President

If you’re not sure who exactly to vote for yet, don’t worry. Your favorite swipe right or left, hook-up/not just a hook-up app Tinder wants to help educate you on the current presidential candidates and where they stand on issues that are important to you with the launch of “Swipe the Vote.” In an effort to get more millennials into the voting process, Tinder has partnered with Rock the Vote to encourage Tinder users to weigh in on the issues that mean the most to them. Some topics include the legalization of marijuana, same-sex marriage, raising the minimum wage, and online piracy among others. Once done, Tinder will match users with the candidate whose views mostly align with theirs.

“Our users deserve all the credit for this one — we got inspired by their overwhelming engagement in the presidential election" Sean Rad, Founder and CEO of Tinder said in a press release. “We also want to do our part in mobilizing our millions of engaged Tinder users to vote this November, and there's no better partner to help with that effort than Rock the Vote.”

Overall, it’s a pretty relevant way to get the youth voting. According to the Pew Research Center, youth voter turnout did decline about seven percent from the 2008 to the 2012 election. A lot of millennials use Tinder to help them match with potential people to date or hook up with, why not help them match with the person they should vote for?

“Many millennials are engaging in the political process for the first time, and they’ll be playing a big role in deciding this election,” Sarah Audelo, Political and Field Director at Rock the Vote said in a release. “Tinder provides an amazing platform for millennials to learn more about the views and opinions of the candidates, giving them the opportunity to engage with important political issues while also providing an easy and efficient way to register to vote.”

Here are three things you should know about Tinder’s “Swipe the Vote."

1. You Begin By Taking A Poll

Like Tinder, you’ll be presented with an option. In this case, an issue. If you agree, you swipe right. If you disagree, you swipe left.

2. You Get To Swipe Through 10 Issues

Similar to Tinder profiles, each issue has the option of learning more about it in order to make the right decision that best aligns with what you really believe. If you like what you see, you agree. If you don't, swipe left.

3. Once You’re Done, You Get Matched!

Overall, it seems like a fun, educational campaign to bring more people to the polls. If anything, you now have the chance to legitimately say you swiped left on Donald Trump on Tinder.

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