7 Other Uses For Your Fave Red Lipstick

I wear red lipstick every time I wear makeup. But trust me, all my unique shades of red lippie are totally different from one another. Regardless, knowing all the other uses for red lipstick out there is a must in order for me to get the most out of these makeup products. From using it as other types of cosmetics to staining the clothing of my enemies, red lipstick has been my best friend for the past two years.

If I was ever to be stranded on a desert island and be allowed three things, you can bet that the essentials for creating a red pout would be number one on the list. I mean, how are you supposed to be rescued when you're just not feeling yourself? Red lipstick truly makes any look instantly sophisticated.

So if you've got a tube or two lying around that is about to go out of date or that you simply don't use anymore, here are a few hacks to make your red lipstick last in more ways than one. Throwing it away would be wasteful, especially when you're just going to go out and buy new products that you could've used your red lipstick for. Leave your doubts at the door and be ready to get all DIY with your old red lipsticks. Here are seven alternative uses for them.

1. As Blush

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Makeup artist Hannah Murray told Vogue how to use red lipstick as blush in 2015. But TBH, the trick of "just blending it in with my fingers" is as old as time. Even my grandma used to do it.

2. To Mix With Other Lipsticks

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Can't find the shade you've been picturing in your head for weeks? There's no need to go out and make your own lipstick when you can easily mix your own products together to achieve the color you want.

As StyleCaster reported, layering lipsticks is a super easy way to get a new look without spending any more money. MAC Cosmetics senior artist Regan Rabanal told the publication, "When you’re combining different textures of lipstick, try your best to apply [a] matte formula first, because it will hold to your lips better than a creamy or glossy finish. Also, to keep your lipstick tube from getting messy with layering, apply the lipstick with a lip brush instead.”

3. As Concealer

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As Bustle's own Danelle Sandoval reported, red lipstick as concealer is a totally legitimate thing, so give it a go. Sandoval wrote, "I started applying the red lipstick under and around my eye circles with my normal concealer brush. I also applied it on other dark spots and blemishes. Don't apply too much though because the lipstick might be harder to cover up with concealer."

4. A Makeshift Pen

Have you never seen an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race? Using a red lipstick as a pen in a tight situation is not only handy, but pretty glamorous, too. Like, "Yes honey, I have enough lipstick to waste that I can even use it as a pen."

5. Turn It Into Lip Balm

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Sick of that bold, matte lip? Have no fear: Turning your lipstick into a tinted lip balm is surprisingly easy and a great alternative to wearing red lipstick every day. As ELLE reported in the publication's tutorial, "All it takes is one other ingredient [shea or cocoa butter] and a little microwave time, so stop crying over spilt lippy."

6. As Eyeshadow

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Bustle writer Danelle Sandoval also used lipstick as eyeshadow and proved the diversity of this makeup item. She even revealed that lipstick eyeshadow tends to last longer than the real deal.

7. To Stain The Belongings Of Your Enemies

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Red lipstick stains are notoriously difficult to wash out, so inflict your red lips on the shirts and sheets of your enemies. But only if they deserve it, of course.

If I haven't proved the worth of owning 20 or more red lipsticks by now, I can only sit and hope that one day the whole world will realize and respect the greatness of this all-purpose cosmetic item.

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