Neon Workout Clothes That'll Get You Amped Up to Sweat

It's some sort of universal fact that nothing's quite as motivating for dragging one's ass to the gym as the perfect workout clothes. That's not news. But there's something about wearing neons that puts the concept on speed. All of a sudden, you're ready to do, like, 10 miles on the treadmill. Or lift Olympic-level weights. Or, like, at least sprint through the gym door. (Hey, baby steps. Baby steps in neon shoes, thank you very much.) Here are 11 neon pieces to make your workout wardrobe truly rock.

Neon Sneakers

Calling me a capital ‘R’ runner is a stretch, but these neon sneaks — with a super-sleek profile that feels light as air on feet — would certainly encourage me to at least walk faster than normal.

Women’s Type A6, $100,

Patterned Leggings

Whether you are running a marathon or have just finished eating ice cream straight out of the carton, these limited-edition leggings are bright enough to motivate anyone to start/finish her workout strong.

Pro Magical Kaleidoscope, $130,

Go-To Sports Bra

Let’s face it, a sports bra may be cute, but if it isn’t supporting the ladies, well, no workout is going to be much fun at all. Moving Comfort sports bras are dry-fit, comfortable, and come in sizes from A-E.

JustRight Racer, $48,

Bright Hoodie

Great for warming up (especially in the recent chilly months), hoodies are a necessary addition to a gym outfit. Not to mention they usually have little pouches that are great for storing snacks. But, I digress.

Rollick Hoodie, $59.99,

Supportive Tank

Everyone needs that surefire, easy workout top that you know is going to be supportive, comfortable, and will keep you dry. Being bright and beautiful doesn’t hurt either.

Pilé Tank, $54,

All-Purpose Headband

This headband is called “the fly away tamer,” so it’s safe to say that it will serve its purpose well.

Fly Away Tamer, $12,


Perfect for layering or just wearing on their own, get a cute pair of workout shorts that are both comfortable and give you the go-power to do more squats.

Nike Women’s Pro Printed 2.5” Shorts, $17.97,

Long-sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeved T-shirt will keep you dry, warm, and feeling energized on that first spring run outside, once this frozen tundra thaws out (if it ever does).

Breathe Long-Sleeve T, $29.95,

Gym Bag

Between carrying an iPhone, headphones, water bottles, snacks (obviously), magazines, books, and a change of clothes — a girl has to have a good bag to bring to the gym. One look at this bright bag and you’ll want to (literally) get your stuff together and go.

Hobo Gym Bag, $69.50,

Bright Socks

Socks are one of those things that can be very, very boring, but don’t have to be. Like a good workout, there are always ways to spice things up to give you that extra motivation to power through.

Neon Liner Socks 6-Pack, $18.99,


Okay, yes, it’s cold outside, but find an indoor (heated) pool, escape the frigid polar vortex for an hour or so, and you’ve got yourself one of the best (and most joint-friendly) workouts there is.

Nike Graphic Leaf Lingerie Tank Reversible Swimsuit, $76,