A Crotch-Hugger Attacked Leo!

by Lia Beck

"Leonardo DiCaprio crotch" is not a search term I necessarily want to have in my Google records, but because I'm determined to report the important news, it's there and for good reason. Leonardo DiCaprio got his crotch hugged by a journalist named Vitalii Seduik at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Seduik seems to be more of a "journalist" with sarcastic quotation marks than a real media representative and has pulled tricks like this before. Bradley Cooper got a similar crotch hug at the Screen Actors Guild Awards earlier this year.

In DiCaprio's case, Seduik ran onto the red carpet while the actor was walking in front of photographers and quickly bent down hugging DiCaprio with his face directly in his crotch. DiCaprio laughed off the incident — it would be hard not too seeing as how ridiculous it was — but people quickly rushed over to pull Seduik away. A representative for the festival told E! News, "[Seduik] broke through the barricade and did this. He was 'escorted' off the premises and now blackballed."

It's surprising that Seduik is even able to make his way into these events. In addition to the Cooper and DiCaprio crotch hugging, he kissed Will Smith at a Men in Black 3 premiere which Smith handled much differently than DiCaprio. Smith slapped and pushed Seduik and said, "He's lucky I didn't sucker-punch him."

According to Seduik's Twitter profile (where only the most accurate information is located!), he appears to be at least somewhat an actual journalist. He recently posted a photo of himself interviewing Oprah on a red carpet and calls himself an "International reporter with entertaining mood and spirits." Well, I guess that can't be argued with.