This Is the Best Red Wedding Reaction Video Ever

Does it make me a terrible person to say that watching this felt kind of...cathartic? Like, I remember exactly how I felt when I first watched the Red Wedding episode, and now watching this man experience the same inner turmoil and sadness almost makes me feel better about what I worried was an overreaction to the episode. It wasn't! I mean, all of those videos of fans freaking out over the episode that ended up on Conan while George R. R. Martin was a guest were great, but this...this really, really takes the cake. In a video apparently pulled up by a Redditor (of course), we get a glimpse of one man's reaction of anguish during Game of Thrones ' Red Wedding episode — yes, the one in which, spoiler alert, everyone you love DIES.

It starts off alright: The dude seems ready to conquer this episode as the camera is turned on, and curls up on the couch in a Miami Heat snuggie. As the scene (which you can see playing on the television next to him) goes on, though, he becomes increasingly antsy...until that one part. You know which part. The entire scene is literally that part.

You can check out the video below. It's suggested you watch the entire thing, because it's all just great.

Image: HBO