J.Law Proves She's Awesome Yet Again

So, let's get this out of the way first: This story is totally just a rumor, and, in my opinion, seems too oddly detailed to be based off of eyewitness accounts or something. However, I do believe that this is something Jennifer Lawrence would do, considering this is the same girl who saved a woman's life back in 2012 outside of her apartment complex. I mean, she seems like a swell girl. So, when gossip sites tell me that Jennifer Lawrence maybe offered to buy a homeless woman dinner in LA, I'm inclined to believe them, y'know? Even if the article's author has no identifying information other than the fact that his username is "Adam."

Anyway, the report: Apparently, J.Law was headed to eat at Lala’s Argentine Grill on Melrose Ave. recently when she "spotted an elderly homeless lady pushing a shopping cart stuffed with her shabby belongings" on the street. Lawrence reportedly approached the woman and said, "Honey, are you hungry? Do you want to come and eat with us?" From the post:

When a guy passer-by overheard that, he shouted, “They’re not going to let her in there!”

Jennifer responded, “Why don’t you mind your own business!” – and fired off a few explosive expletives.

Apparently, the woman declined and said she had to watch her cart, so Lawrence slipped her $20 and responded, "Well, you eat when you’re ready then!" Like I said, the entire thing is strangely detailed, but...hey, it's not farfetched.

Image: The Huffington Post