When Will the 'Dangerous Woman' Music Video Drop?

by Vannessa Jackson

Ariana Grande's highly anticipated third album, Dangerous Woman, drops on May 20. To promote the release, Grande has been tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, you name it, to get the word out about her new music. This almost seems unnecessary considering the single for the album has been doing fairly well. Lately, she has been hinting that the video for Dangerous Woman, her latest single, will be on its way soon. But how soon? Fans are getting anxious, and everyone is wondering when will Grande drop the video for Dangerous Woman ?

In typical celebrity style, Grande has been posting teasers to all of her social media accounts. You have to give her credit, though, because, while she is great at building suspense, she is also great at keeping a tight lip about when everything will finally be coming out. Unfortunately, that also means that information like the release of her new music video is going to be under wraps until it comes out online. She is already taking pre-orders for her album, but nothing yet for the music video side of things. She'll most likely drop the video in the still of the night while all of the unsuspecting Grande fans are none the wiser.

According to Grande, the video will be here soon, but she's been saying that for a few weeks, and no such video has been released yet. Grande, along with other celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld and Justin Bieber, have been building up anticipation through using their famous friends to spread the word with a countdown on Instagram. Hopefully she'll be doing the same thing with Dangerous Woman so the world can be mentally prepared.

More interesting than when it drops is what the video will be about. With a strong song like Dangerous Woman, she will need a strong visual to tie it all in. I'm wondering if the premise of the video will focus on the superhero and girl power theme, since the bunny ears mask has been made such a big part of her album. Until the official video drops, you can watch this a cappella rendition of Grande performing Dangerous Woman below.