Will Derek Hough Visit 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 22? There Will Be Plenty Of Opportunity, After All...

Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars has officially commenced, and fans will have a few changes to adjust to from last season. A familiar face is back at the judging table, as Len Goodman has returned. But there's bad news, too: Len will be replacing Julianne Hough, who is taking time away from the dance competition this season. And don't get too comfortable, because there's more not-so-great news where that came from: Julianne's brother, fan favorite Derek, will also be taking time away from DWTS this season, and although he seems to be extremely busy during his time away from the show, fans are still hoping to hear that Derek Hough will visit Dancing with the Stars in Season 22.

By all accounts, it seems there are no official plans for Hough to make an appearance this season — at the very least, nothing has been officially announced to that effect. Since all of the professional dancers and their celebrity partners are already moving their feet on the dance floor, it's unlikely that we'll see Hough as a last-minute replacement (barring any serious injuries on the part of one of the professional dancers, knock on wood). Luckily for fans, there are many other roles on the show that Hough could fill if he chooses to surprise us all with a visit.

In fact, I've even taken the time to figure out a plethora of ways that Hough could fit into the Dancing with the Stars flow (if he finds the time).

He Could Guest Judge

I mean, who would be better at judging this competition than Hough? He knows the show inside and out. Plus, he would be able to give a dancer's point of view, much like Julianne did when she was judging.

He Could Guest Mentor

Hough would be a phenomenal mentor. He would be able to use his skills from a totally different side of the competition, and I would definitely want to see that. Plus, he would only need to come back for an episode or two. That's not much to ask, now is it?

He Could Be A Guest Performer

Let's be real: We all just want to see Hough dance. I would definitely watch him do a quick performance on just one measly episode. (Please?) Plus, it seems like something he could easily fit into his busy schedule. Just sayin'.

He Could Be A Guest Choreographer

Hough is probably most qualified for this job. I would love to see a routine on this season that he has personally crafted. I mean, he's already dancing all day, every day. He might as well dance on over to DWTS for a minute.

But until there's an official announcement of an appearance, we'll all just have to keep on hoping that Hough will stop by this season. Luckily, we can always get our fix with the many projects that he has been busy with in the interim. That's enough, right?

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