7 Low Maintenance Hairstyles That Look Amazing & Are Super Simple

Here's a little secret: I find most hair styling tutorials preposterous. Twist what? Tuck where? And how? Replicating the complicated dos usually just seems impossible, regardless of how much time I have. It's why tricks for beautiful, low maintenance hair is truly where it's at. Sorry not sorry, but you're just not going to find me spending two hours trying to master a fish hook braid or complicated "easy!" updo.

However, that doesn't mean I don't like styling my hair. Sometimes it's that added extra touch that can completely make an outfit, or just make you feel that extra little bit more confident about your overall look. No to mention certain looks can totally compliment your makeup and vise-versa, like when I wear my hair out of my face to really emphasize a smokey eye.

But while I'm pretty good at navigating my way around a makeup palette, I have just never been all that great at doing my own hair. Maybe its natural fine texture just makes it really hard to keep its hold, or maybe the hair styling force just isn't with me (and even more likely, hair styling takes a lot of time and patience, and I just don't have it).

Whether you just don't have the time for complicated styles, or you just hate doing your hair, here are seven super low-maintenance looks that will look awesome every time.

1. Messy Bun

The messy bun is not only super in style, but it looks great, AND it's genuinely incredibly easy. You don't even have to tease your hair or use any random products. It's truly the low-maintenance lovers' dream.

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2. Air Dried

OK, you're probably thinking this one is a total cop out — really, just air dry my hair? The thing is, how you air dry your hair can make a huge difference in terms of the final results. For example, in a piece for Women's Day, hairstylist Julie Featherman said you should never tousle your hair when towel drying and instead blot it, preferably with a super absorbent microfiber towel in order to prevent frizz. She then recommended combing with a wide tooth or boars bristle comb and adding anti-frizz mousse. That way you'll get a casual, beachy look instead of a frizzy mess.

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3. Head Scarf It Up

Head scarves are the lazy girl's best friend. You can wear a single scarf tons of different ways, cover up dirty hair, and also give yourself a distinct and cool look with minimal effort. I like to get mine in bright colors and patterns and pair it with otherwise black or monochrome outfits for an extra pop.

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4. Headbands Are Your Friends

If head scarfs are too much for you (let's be real, there is a lot of tying and twisting), think about head bands! They add a little extra something to your look while taking zero time or effort, and often can totally pull an outfit together.

Try: Hipsy Adjustable Fashion Headbands, $24.99, Amazon

5. High Ponytail With Puff

The above tutorial may seem a little complicated, but don't be fooled — it really just boils down to teasing the front of your hair and putting it all up into a high ponytail. This is great for evening events or for when you really want to emphasize your eye looks or cheekbones.

6. The Front Twist

This look is awesome because it tricks people into thinking you did something way more complicated than you actually did. Practice it once or twice beforehand, but once you get the hang of it you'll see it's crazy easy.

7. Grab A Bow

You'll be shocked how big a difference something as simple and effortless as a bow can make when it comes to making it look like you put time and effort into your hair. Create a messy bun and pop it at the base, or even just add one to the side of your hair after creating a ponytail, and voila! Get ready for compliments.

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If you don't have hours to spend on a fancy hairstyle, or — more importantly — you just don't want to spend hours on one, don't worry — there are plenty of fast and easy hairstyles that still look totally awesome. So don't stress, and have fun with it!

Images: Pexels (2); Kate Caviar/YouTube