How Is Zayn Malik's 'Mind Of Mine' Different Than A One Direction Album?

Zayn Malik released his debut album Mind of Mine on Friday, and proved once and for all that he is no longer a boy bander. Of course, that was bound to happen with the release of his new album, especially since Zayn has spent the last year detailing in various interviews how being in One Direction stifled his creative vibe. Well, he is now free and able to create the music of his choosing that represents the real Zayn Malik. But, who is the real Zayn Malik, you may ask? If his new album is anything to go by, apparently he's into a lot more adult activities than the old Malik. His single "PILLOWTALK" gave us a little taste — but now with the whole album released, Mind of Mine in it's entirety is a lot different from a One Direction album.

We all knew he was going to have to break out of his One Direction image with a swift and fierce first album, but no one could expect the sharp turn Mind of Mine would take. It's an incredible album with what is likely to be a few solid radio hits, but One Direction fangirls be warned, because it's not cute songs about what makes you beautiful anymore. In fact, he's talking very specifically about sex now — in extremely explicit terms.

One of the main things that sets this album apart from a One Direction album is the lyrics. The minute you pull up the album on any streaming service, you can see that of the 20-track album, eight of the songs are labeled explicit. I think the closest One Direction got to a parental advisory was when they talked about making out in a song — and even that was covered up with subtle euphamisms and upbeat pop melodies. Not only does Malik use sex references, but there is a healthy dose of curse words thrown in there. No doubt for the added shock value.

Also, there is the very different sound that this album presents. Most of the One Direction albums were all about pop success and catchy tunes, but this one actually sounds like a lot of detail went into the mixing of each track for a specific purpose. Don't get me wrong, I will jam out to "Drag Me Down" all day long — but Zayn's new album really edges on serious art. It's a refreshing turn for the singer.

Now that his album is out, it will be interesting to see if the other 1D boys follow suit. One thing's for sure: it's the beginning of an era of great music.

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