What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Romantic Life

It can be incredibly disappointing to go on date after date and not feel a romantic spark. People can turn to some pretty desperate measures to find the right love match, ‘cause we all know “swiping right” isn’t a sure thing. But before consulting a matchmaker, or obsessively reading your love horoscope, why not try color psychology? Color psychology can infer things about your personality and emotional life based on your choice of favorite color. It may sound crazy at first, but the power of color is evident in many parts of our life, subconsciously acting on us. Certain colors can have great influence on us — reds, yellows, and oranges can increase our appetite while blue is great for calming us down.

By utilizing the principles of color psychology that analyze our personality type, we can also find out what romantic category we fit into. Your preference of color may even tell you if you’re just looking for a one-night stand or are happy being a serial-monogamist. So whether you are searching for someone sweet and stable, or sexy and adventurous, the psychology behind your fave color can help. Once you know what your romantic type is, find your perfect match on the first date by asking one simple question, “What's your favorite color?”

Favorite color: Pink

Romantic type: Unconditional lover


If your favorite color is pink, you LOVE romantic movies (ahem, The Notebook) and really any good love story. You long to have something close to the ideal, devoted relationships depicted in these tales. In your personal life, you adore being part of a tight-knit twosome. You gain power and energy from forging strong romantic bonds, and your confidence increases when you have someone to nurture (the darker your favorite pink, the more power and energy you feel). Your loving nature makes your sex life take on a meaningful, intimate, and often tender nature. A night filled with flowers, candles, and staring into each other’s eyes isn’t cheesy to you, it’s the norm! For all you give, you do expect the same unconditional love in return and often receive it bounteously.

Favorite Color: Black

Romantic type: Mysterious lover


If black is the color you adore, I won't presume to know about your secretive love life. You are often compared to a 1940s femme fatale — sultry and alluring, but rarely revealing your true nature. You have little need for last names in a romantic relationship, and rarely divulge yours. No one would dare call you an open book, though they might be moved to write a novel about your fleeting relationship. You are intoxicating and mysterious — never giving away too much. This way you always protect yourself from getting hurt. When you do find someone you really love, it will be difficult to un-bottle your emotions and take the risk of revealing your true self to another person. But until then, you always leave your lovers wanting more as you disappear into the night.

Favorite Color: Orange

Romantic Type: Spontaneous Lover


If you fall for an orange-lover, you have made an excellent choice, my friend! While orange has many benefits according to color psychology, it currently ranks as one of the least beloved colors, and as people age their distaste for it only grows. Someone who loves the color orange believes in the power of intuition and going with one’s gut. They tend to fall into quite a few serious relationships since they rely on strong feelings to lead them. Their positive life outlook lets them continue to search for “the one” or “the fun” regardless if they’ve been kicked around a few times by Cupid.

If you love the color orange, your spontaneous nature can lead you on adventures ranging from spur of the moment trips, to trying new and exciting foods and activities. This will flow into the bedroom, since people who love orange tend to express themselves freely and live life to the fullest. They are also enthusiastic and motivating, and are great to have a cocktail party, always keeping the conversation flowing. If you date someone who loves orange, your parents will love them too!

Favorite Color: Green

Romantic Type: Equanimous Lover


Green is the second most popular color in America, with 16 percent of people choosing it as their top color pick. This vibrant color that symbolizes growth, renewal, and spring is also the color of balance and harmony. Those who adore green seek to create equilibrium in their life and within themselves. That means they take into equal account both their head and the demands of their heart when making romantic decisions. They are considerate and contemplative which may make them less impulsive. You can expect to spend a few nights on the couch watching PBS miniseries if you end up dating a lover of green.

However, their calming presence can have beneficial effects on those who are more obviously emotional and flighty. Green comes across as stable and composed, so if you are looking for a life partner, you always will feel secure in the arms of a green-lover.

Favorite Color: Red

Romantic Type: Amorous Lover


Red is the color of passion, so if you choose this color as your favorite, you are probably a person of extremes. You will always bring the heat in the bedroom, but if you are not careful, you may also bring the heat everywhere else. Those who are looking for a powerful and dominating partner are drawn to you — as you exude a strong energy and are always in control. Fifty shades of grey? Try: 100 shades of red! Red-lovers live a physically and sexually rich life, but frequent temper flare-ups may be a problem. A perfect partner for a red-lover feeds off their energy and power, but is also unflappable and can reign them in if need be.

Favorite Color: Blue

Romantic Type: Quiet Lover


Blue is thought to be a calming and intellectual color. The blue-lover enjoys a quiet night by the fire, reading the paper peacefully. They may be a bit religious, and prefer to be in a stable loving partnership. Those who love blue are not sharks on the dating scene, and tend to be a bit conservative and slow to warm up to a new person. If a subdued night at home pickling veggies and working on projects together isn't your idea of fun, than dating someone who has this as a favorite color should be avoided. But if trust and loyalty are high on your relationship list, you can do no better than settling down with a lover of blue.

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