9 Mind-Blowing Bedroom Toys For Newbies

If on a scale of "laughing in the back of Spencer's Gifts" to "50 Shades Of Grey, but IRL" you'd consider yourself a total sex-toy beginner, you're not alone. Many couples think about introducing new toys into the bedroom, but it can feel awkward when it comes to actually making it happen. But rest assured, sex toys for beginners really do exist. For some, it can seem intimidating to have that initial conversation: What do you both want to start using? And how do you want to start using it? Should you even try to use that complicated toy, or should you just start with the basics?

If you and your S.O. are looking to mix things up by introducing some new gadgets in between the sheets (or out of the sheets), you can try a wearable vibrator that fits right into your bag, working at 12 different speeds to give you both intense pleasure. If you want a different toy to try, you can use a playful feather tickler to build up anticipation — while incorporating a comfy silky blindfold for no distractions, of course.

So, now that nothing's holding you back, snag one of these fun and seriously easy-to-use toys to turn things up.

A Wearable Vibrator Allows For Discreet Use

PicoBong Insertable Mini Bullet Vibrator , $45, Amazon

This wearable vibrator with a retrieval string makes it easy to take along with you anywhere. Have a little foreplay fun by wearing this small, comfortable toy on your next outing and playing with the 12 different vibration modes. You'll stay discreet as it quietly pulsates, and the vibrator lasts two hours on a full charge.

Fingertip Vibrators Enhance Natural Movements

Jimmyjane Hello Touch X, Black, $62, Amazon

This fun and natural-feeling toy is waterproof and can be taken into the shower for extra fun. Just place the finger pods over your fingertips (or those of your partner), and wait for the powerful vibrations and electrostatic stimulation to create intense sensations. You can both use 10 different power levels and six pulsation modes. Bonus: You can enjoy this toy for up to three hours before having to send it back to its charger.

Vibrating C-Rings Stimulate Both Partners

Pure Romance Double Trouble Ring, $40, Amazon

This soft, battery-powered jelly ring is easy to use, and it creates vibrations at three different speeds. Just slide the ring onto the base of the penis, tilt one end of the "bunny ears" toward yourself, and prep yourself for amazing results. Plus, this gadget comes with six button cell batteries to get things going.

A Two-Speed Vibrator Can Be Used Together Or Alone

Magic Wand Massager, $40, Amazon

With a strong motor and two speeds, the powerful vibrations that come from this easy-to-use design can significantly edge things up. This classic, no-frills vibrator doesn't need batteries — it features a six-foot long power cord, instead. Plus, if you're private about how and when you use your sex toys, you'll appreciate how this one comes in a discreet back massager shape.

No-Peek Blindfold Enhances Your Senses

Creative Conceptions Fifty Days of Play Blindfold, $6, Amazon

By adding a blindfold into the mix, you and your partner will put all of your focus on the different amazing sensations you're feeling — no distractions. This soft and silky blindfold keeps everything out of sight, and with an elastic backing, it will stay comfortable without slipping off.

A Quiet Vibrator Creates Low-Key, Intimate Moments

LELO GIGI 2 Personal Massager, $75, Amazon

Made with body-safe silicone, this classic sex toy has eight adjustable vibration modes, so your experience is always different. This toy vibrates quietly with no disruptions, making it perfect to take on a trip. One user praised the vibrator and said, "Gigi will both change and ruin your life because why would you ever want to put her down?"

Gentle Nipple Suction Increases Sensitivity

Natural Nipple Correction Cups, $14, Amazon

This silent and simple toy can be placed over the nipples to increase sensitivity and blood flow to the area. A great match for frisky foreplay, the suction is gentle and will have you both wanting to move things along. For the best suction, apply a little lotion before you use these.

Stretchy Rings Increase Blood Flow

Lynk Pleasure Products Cock Ring 3 Pack, $11, Amazon

Who knew three little rings could be total game-changers? These enhancing rings restrict blood flow to the penis, which can lead to longer-lasting erections. For comfort and safety, these rings are stretchy, hypoallergenic, and latex-free. Some users say buying these rings were "the best $11 ever spent," as they're easy to get on and off and remain comfortable.

Playful Feather Tickler Gently Teases

Fetish Fantasy Series Feather Tickler, $27, Amazon

With no vibrations, how-to guides, or batteries necessary, this is a great bedroom addition for beginners. This real feather tickler is soft and light, and it will help to build anticipation as you lightly run it across more sensitive spots. Attach it to your wrist, and have your partner relax before testing out different areas.

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