See Kat Von D Without Makeup On

Another no makeup celeb selfie? Big deal right? Actually, when it's the gorgeous Kat Von D posting a no makeup selfie, it really is a big deal. Why is that? Well, the celeb tattoo artist and reality TV star always has a majorly strong makeup game because she is an artist all around and she has her own eponymous beauty line. So doing her makeup, which usually consists of smoky eyes, winged liner, a flawless canvas of skin, and perfectly painted, defined lips, is another means of artistic expression and an extension of her work. It's another way she can get creative. Additionally, Von D probably wants to keep up appearances, so fans can copy her look with her products. She is a businesswoman who loves helping her fans enhance their features. But there's a special reason that Kat Von D's barefaced selfie is so amazing that you may not have realized.

Since Von D has a sprinkling of black stars tattooed on her face, along her temple, she still has decoration and adornment that is totally and completely unique, in addition to being product-free.

She clearly has some serious confidence in order to have a tattoo on her face in the first place. But she owns it! Von D also appears comfortable showing off her natural beauty.

Observe Kat Von D sans her signature lips and eyes below!

KVD is the consummate rock 'n' roll x goth goddess. So to see her ditch those instantly recognizable, defined lips and her awesomely heavy eye makeup is a refreshing change. She may have some sort of powder on her face here, but the features she pays most attention to —her eyes and her mouth—are bare and "as is."

She's stunning no matter what, right? Those eyes and lips, yo!

But don't you love how she gets a little extra oomph from her face tattoo? It's just so pretty and it suits her. That's called owning it.

Image: Kat Von D/Instagram (2)