Can Tea Tree Oil Heal Razor Bumps?

by Julia Musto

Tea tree oil helps helps with so many things, that you would be wise to work it into your routine in one way or another. But does tea tree oil help razor bumps? I currently use it mainly for my cold sores, which always seem to pop back up right before job interviews, weddings, and other important life events rife with photo opportunities. Fortunately, it works like a miracle: fast acting and weirdly strong for such a natural treatment. Normally, my cold sores disappear in a matter of a week. Logic suggests it might be helpful for other similar ailments.

Tea tree oil works like a lot of other oils in terms of its helpful qualities: it moisturizes, removes bad odor, and cleanses and shines skin and hair. What makes it different, according to Keeper Of The Home, is that it can act as an antiseptic and antibiotic. It's useful in preventing and treating razor related injuries because of these healing properties. Livestrong suggests "applying a small amount to razor bumps" that have already formed because "[t]ea tree oil is a natural astringent, similar to witch hazel and lavender oil, and can help to alleviate skin irritated from shaving."

In addition to its unique ability to heal and soothe skin irritation, tea tree oil can be useful around the house as well. It makes a great cleaner and helps ward away pests. There are many other uses to think about when using tea tree oil. But, if you have a few razor bumps from the last time you attempted to shave, use tea tree oil as a salve. Here are a few other cool uses for tea tree oil that you should consider.

1. It Can Treat Acne

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, $14, Ulta

Tea tree oil is often an ingredient in acne treatment solutions parallel to salicylic acid because of its disinfecting properties. The Huffington Post reports that tea tree oil is "good at disinfecting the pores, and drying out whiteheads and blackheads." Daily Makeover says that in one study tea tree oil proved to be "as effective as 5 percent benzoyl peroxide when treating acne."

2. It Can Fight Dandruff

Nature's Bounty Tea Tree Oil 1 Oz., $6, Target

One XOJane writer uses tea tree oil for all her dandruff and scalp needs and calls it bae. She also explains that "hydrocarbons in tea tree oil called “terpenes” fight many types of bacteria (like MRSA)" and" tea tree oil is able to cure dandruff and itchy scalps" because it moisturizes in addition to all its other magical powers.

3. It Ward Of Mold & Fight Stains

Now Tea Tree Oil, $12, GNC

Tea tree oil can fight almost bacteria in your carpet as well as on your head. To kill mold naturally, dilute the oil with some water and dab away, according to Care2.

4. It Can Treat Fungal Infections

Tea Tree Therapy Pure Tea Tree Oil, $8, Vitacost

It's important to note that the term fungal infection is a nod a broad spectrum of issues including yeast infections, toe fungus, and athlete's. Generally, tea tree oil is the best at fighting bacteria!

5. It Can Clean Your Toothbrush

Tea Tree Oil Australian 100% Pure, $10, Puritan's Pride

Want to cleanse your toothbrush in a way that doesn't make you want to gag? Try using tea tree oil to remove bacteria, according to Dessert Essence. If you're putting your toothbrush in a cupboard every night like me, it can really help.

6. It Can Help Remove Ticks & Ringworm

Cococare 100% Tea Tree Oil, $6, Vitacost

Tea tree oil treats ringworm and ticks like bacteria and infection. Pests hate it because it acts like germicide. Dab some on for effective treatment!

7. It Can Relieve Labored Breathing

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil, $9, Amazon

Whether you have a sinus infection, a bad cough or cold, or just breathing issues in general tea tree oil can be inhaled and/or vaporized to ease blockage.

8. It Can Help Treat Skin Conditions

Tea Tree Oil Cream, $16, Amazon

Tea tree oil acts like aloe in a lot of regards by restoring skin. If you have dry or damaged skin, it can really help aid the repairing process. Try it this summer!

9. It Can Freshen Your Laundry

Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil, $3, Target

Do you use the same old gross machines in your building every day? Are you 100 percent sure there's mold inside their in addition to like everyone's hair? Dessert Essence suggests you add some tea tree oil to your laundry to make sure you don't pick up some bacteria while trying to clean your clothes!

Images: Courtesy Brands