13 Emily Gilmore Fashion Lessons That We Can All Learn From

In terms of Gilmore Girls cast fashion, Queen Bee Emily Gilmore's style is wildly underrated. There are a lot of fashion lessons to take from Emily Gilmore, in addition to real life lessons about how to be an actual Queen, awesome grandmother, expert shopper, and brutally destroy your enemies with their deepest and darkest fears and insecurities.

Fortunately, in seven seasons we get to see Emily's fashion sense and outfits transform over time. From the '80s till the early '00s, Emily has come to represent class, wealth, status, beauty, and grace. You can see this manifested in her meticulously designed and paired outfits and jewelry.

Even at her worst (in jail, at the hospital after Richard's heart attack, at home after having eye surgery, and yelling at Pennilyn Lott) Emily Gilmore remains stylish and put together. Even when she fights with Richard, Rory, and Lorelai, her "my life is in shambles outfits" feature silk kimono-like tops and elegant large painting blouses.

We can all learn a thing or two from Emily Gilmore's style and the way she uses accessories, shapes, and colors to make each outfit pop. Here are a few tips and lessons you should learn from the Gilmore matriarch's fashion history.

1. Play With An Up-Down Hairdo

High-low looks like this work for skirts and all lengths of hair! It will also give your look more dimension and make your hair seem like it has more body.

2. Always Wear Huge Sunnies

Huge sunglasses make you look important. Always wear them. Especially if you have had eye surgery.

3. Matching Is Always Stylish

Matching your outfits will always make you look so much more put together than if you're not matching. A good suit can make a great first impression, especially if it's this bold shade of red.

4. You Can Make Tailgating Look Good

Just because you're going to watch football players beat each other up on a field doesn't mean you shouldn't put a little extra effort in. For a preppy look, layer a white-collared shirt under a crewneck sweatshirt.

5. A Little Bit Of Shimmer Is Always Elegant

Emily gives her usual suits a twist while glamming up. Try a metallic silver; it's the color of Spring 2016.

6. Collars & Necklines Are Important Tools

A good neckline can always make a striking difference in a subtle way. You probably don't think about this often, but start paying attention to your necklines!

7. Casual Looks Can Be Beautiful Too

You can do sipping wine at home in a silk robe just as well as you can in ratty old sweatpants and a ten year old shirt. Invest in something like this..

8. The Right Jewelry Can Make Or Break An Outfit

Emily Gilmore knows how to use accessories to her advantage. This pairing of silver turns a more casual sweater into proper meeting attire.

9. The Right Jacket Can Make Or Break An Outfit Too

I am a big proponent of this lesson. You can hide absolutely anything under the right coat and get away with it, and I have to this day. Invest in your coats, people. Take pride in your outerwear.

10. Plaid Always Works Well

Plaid will never go out of style. Grunge always returns in some fashion. It's also a slimming print!

11. Pastels Don't Have To Wash You Out

Pair a pastel with the right bright makeup and you will be wearing it past Easter weekend. Plus, a berry lip works with almost anything.

12. A Strand Of Pearls Makes For The Most Elegant Look

A strand of pearls has always represented good taste. This is just history. If you want the ultimate status of wealth and power, look no farther than Emily Gilmore's strands.

13. A Good Red Lip Is Everything

A red lip that bold will make me cry like Emily here. Check out this tutorial to replicate!

Image: The CW (13), Giphy (1)