What Time Will All 8 Kylie Lip Kits Be Restocked? Here's When To Snatch Them

If you are one of the many fans that have still not had a chance to snatch a coveted Kylie Lip Kit, don't fret, because more are on the way. Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits will be restocked on Monday March, March 28, the 18-year-old has recently announced, proving that they really are the gift that keeps on giving. But exactly what time will all eight Lip Kits be restocked?

If you have been following the wild Lip Kit mania, you know that Jenner just launched a brand new shade, Kourt K, on Friday, March 25. Now she is restocking her original shades just days later? The speed at which she churns out these Lip Kits is seriously impressive. Perhaps since her latest dark purple shade did so well, selling out in just minutes (obviously) she wanted to keep the momentum going.

The lipstick queen has been tweeting up a storm about her most recent restock date. After revealing that the next installment will be coming on Monday, Jenner decided to crowdsource for the exact time she should drop the new batch of lippies on her site. "10 A.M. or 4 P.M.?," reads her latest tweet. Of course we can assume she means PST, as she usually updates fans in the west coast time zone.

As early as possible, if you ask me.

I can't wait any longer!!

Jenner is so devoted to her fans, she is letting them poll to choose the launch time.

There are 23 hours left to vote, so you'll have to wait and see which time slot wins. Until then, I would prepare for both scenarios, just in case.

Good luck to all Lip Kit shoppers!