Who Was Stephanie Shults, The American Brussels Victim? Her Death Has Now Been Confirmed

According to Lexington, Kentucky, CBS News affiliate WKYT, Stephanie Shults, an American living in Belgium, was killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels, her death being confirmed by her employer on Saturday. The news of Stephanie's death closely follows the same news about her husband Justin, who was remembered by his brother in an emotional statement on Twitter early Saturday afternoon. The pair had been missing since the deadly suicide bombing at the Brussels airport's main terminal on Tuesday morning.

According to NBC News, both Justin and Stephanie worked as accountants — in Stephanie's case the first public confirmation that she'd been killed came from her employer, Mars, Incorporated. Their statement, highlighted by WKYT, specifies that the news had been shared with them by Stephanie's family, who live in Lexington. She was 29 years old.

Today we learned from Stephanie's family that she and her husband, Justin, were among those killed in the attack on the Brussels airport. We are mourning the loss of our colleague and friend. Our hearts and thoughts are with their families, and with all those who are suffering during this terrible time.

Stephanie and Justin were reportedly at the Brussels airport to see off Stephanie's mother, Carolyn Moore, who was catching a flight home to Kentucky, when the bombs went off. Her car had been discovered at the Brussels airport, but it wasn't until Saturday that word of her death went public.

Just days ago, both Justin and Stephanie's families endured what has to be a grueling and awful experience, thanks to an apparent snafu on the part of the State Department. They were seemingly erroneously informed that they two were safe and alive, a fact which prompted an angry tweet from Justin's brother on Wednesday.

After getting married, the two had reportedly moved to Brussels in 2014, and had lived there happily and peacefully for the past two years. Both were graduates of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee — Justin hailed from Gatlinburg, also in the state of Tennessee.

They're now among a staggering number of people slain in the Brussels attacks — more than 30 people were killed by the bombings, both at the airport, and within the city's subway system, and hundreds more were injured. European authorities are involved in a continuing investigation, and although the precise facts of how it all happened aren't yet known, the terrorist organization ISIS accepted responsibility in the immediate aftermath.