Where Are The Best Places To Hide Easter Eggs? #GoodPlacesToHideAnEgg Gives Easter Egg Hunts A Clever Twist

I've never been one to pass up a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, but sometimes we all need to indulge more than our sweet tooth — and luckily, the clever minds who are taking to Twitter to deliver some twisted and hilarious #GoodPlacesToHideAnEgg have answered the call. Where are the best places to hide Easter eggs? Leave your straw baskets full of Easter goodies behind, because this trending hashtag switches out gooey chocolates for snappy nuggets. Or better yet, enjoy this trending hashtag while munching on some actual Easter eggs. Hey, we're only human.

Growing up, my parents always used to come up with an incredibly large number of difficult riddles for our Easter egg hunt. There was definitely at least one small temper tantrum every year when one of us kids couldn't wait to get our hands on the sugary goodies. But in the end, getting our brains involved always made for a more satisfying hunt — as it turns out, the best scavenger hunts always involve witty clues, and this trending hashtag lays on the wit thick.

Honestly, it's hard to read these #GoodPlacesToHideAnEgg without wishing you could actually use them in a real Easter egg hunt. That is, if you could ever remember where the remote is. Or find that place you put that thing that one time. If you could use some inspiration for your own hunt or just a good Easter-themed chuckle, check out a few of the funniest tweets taking the traditional Easter Sunday scavenging and giving it an all-grown-up sarcastic twist: