The 13 Best Sad Batfleck Memes

The release of Batman v Superman has garnered some strong reactions, but perhaps none have earned as much response as the sad Ben Affleck meme that's been floating around the internet. For those who might have missed the origins of the meme, it all started when Tom Butler of Yahoo Movies asked Affleck and his BvS costar Henry Cavill for a response on the mixed reviews BvS has gotten since its premiere. The film currently has a 29% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though audiences have enjoyed it quite a bit more, judging from the 73% audience score, and so it made perfect sense that Butler wanted its stars to react — and fortunately for meme-lovers everywhere, he got quite a response.

In the now-viral video, Cavill does most of the talking, and he's diplomatic and polite with his answers. But what he says is not the point — the focus is on Affleck, who looks the saddest anyone's ever seen him, saying few words but expressing utter disappointment. His "I agree," at the end just makes the whole thing sadder. The internet has had a lot of fun with this video, from captioning stills to adding background music to heighten the drama. Here are the best jokes the internet has made about sad Ben Affleck so far.

1. The Original Simon And Garfunkel Version

The original video, which now has tens of millions of views, made the brilliant choice to set Affleck's existential crisis to Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence."

2. The Good Will Hunting Remix

While Cavill talks, someone switches his words with Robin Williams' emotional "it's not your fault" speech from Good Will Hunting. It's more appropriately suited to Affleck's dramatic visage than what anyone is actually saying in the real interview, and it makes sense, since many critics have praised Affleck's performance as Batman as one of the bright spots in the movie.

3. The Curb Your Enthusiasm Version

As Affleck gets lost in his sadness, the theme song for the Larry David-starring show plays, perfectly suited to the scenario.

4. The DJ Khaled Version

This version, with audio from Khaled's now infamous "you smart, you loyal" video, turns Affleck's revery into a pep talk, and it works.

5. Daredevil Flashbacks

With Daredevil's second season premiering around the same time that this meme blew up, someone had the brilliant idea to give Affleck that superhero's memories.

6. Sam Harris Remix

In this version, Affleck is just participating in a calming guided meditation, not having an existential crisis at all!

7. The Joy Division Version

In a no brainer move, the famously emotional band was used to soundtrack Affleck's crisis.

8. In GIF Form

Of course, lots of people have used Affleck's expression to convey their own feelings of misery and despair.

9. Making Sense Of His Sadness

She makes some good points.

10. And Then There Was Sad Batman

Before there was Sad Affleck, there was Sad Batman, brooding on the set about why the internet finds him so funny.

11. Misery Loves Company

Because Sad Keanu and Sad Affleck should totally have a sad drink together or something.

12. When You Try To Join A Franchise

He just wants to be a superhero!

13. But There Are Always Puppies

But sometimes even puppies can't make you feel better.

Poor Affleck — he might have just been spacing out at the wrong time, and found himself turned into a meme in the process. Turns out even superheroes can't have it all.