Watch T.Swift Get Really, Really Into Easter

There are people who get pumped for holidays, and then there is Taylor Swift. If Swift's multiple videos of her Easter egg battle with her brother, Austin, are any indication, then there's no one on the planet who loves special occasions more than she does. While celebrating Sunday's holiday, the Swift siblings threw all caution to the wind as they good-naturedly attacked each other, in an effort to be the first to crack the other's egg. Don't worry, though. No Swift was harmed in the making of this Instagram video. The eggs were the only things scrambled, though I imagine this sort of contest means a messy clean up.

This particular Easter celebration wasn't the only instance of holiday cheer from the singer, though. Swift's fervor for holiday festivities are unmatched, and that's not just evidenced in her competitive spirit. Swift has always been a vehement documenter of her holiday goings on and has been very open about her family traditions. It's a lot of fun to get to see the superstar hanging out with her parents and brother like a regular twenty-something while geeking out over the same lame yet endearing holiday customs as the rest of us, and Swift always seems game for yet another celebration.

Enjoy the Easter video below, and revisit some other instances where Swift proved she was the queen of holiday cheer:


Lest you forget last year's celebration...

Oh, you guys.


Year after year, Swift proves she knows how to trim a tree and get way into the holiday spirit.


Technically, this was Blake Lively's doing, but it's clear the actor knew her audience.

Fourth Of July

How does one secure an invite to this?


Hers, her friends, doesn't matter— each year, Swift goes all out.

If this whole singing career doesn't work out, she definitely has a future in event planning. I'm just sayin'.