11 Justin Bieber Instagrams That Are Way More Controversial Than Pics Of His Butt — PHOTOS

If you haven't yet heard about or seen it, Justin Bieber posted a picture of his butt to his Instagram over the weekend. Yet before you start freaking out, remember: in the scheme of things, this ss really just not that big of a deal. Sure, it's semi-naked Biebs, but he's an adult, and it's not like no one's seen it before. It's his Instagram, and it's his butt — and let's be real, it's a nice one at that. While some may be in an uproar about the nudity, it's so low on the scale of controversy that it sort of doesn't even register.

Really, guys — we all have butts, and Bieber posting a photo of his is not the end of the world. If you don't like what you see, just unfollow him, or get used to it, because as E! Online and USA Today point out, Bieber is no stranger to posting semi (or totally) nude photos on social media. Let's focus on the real pot stirring that the singer has done. You know, the kind that riles up not just the media, but his fanbase at large. Don't play coy — I know that you know exactly what I am referring to. Here are 11 Instagram posts from Biebs that are way more controversial than one of his butt:

1. The Recent Random Jelena Throwback

The dude just randomly posts pictures of his famous ex-girlfriend from time to time, just because.

2. The Time His Jelena Post Even Had Drake In An Uproar

Now, that tips the controversy scale.

3. His Romantic Holiday Getaway With Hailey Baldwin

It was most certainly an *eyes emoji* moment.

4. Which Was Amplified By His Subsequent Heated Smooch With Her

...Which looked to be confirming their rumored relationship, but apparently not because Biebs and Baldwin claimed they weren't an "official" couple (but were still sort of dating?) after the fact. Biebs really loves to be mysterious.

5. When He Sat His Brother Precariously Close To The Edge Of A Mountain

This didn't make front page news, but it certainly concerned me.

6. When He Posted A Pic Of Himself In A Compromising Position With A Lady Friend

But didn't clarify who said lady was.

7. When He Set The Hickey Rumors Straight

Were there hickey rumors in the first place, though?

8. Honestly, I'm Still Not Over That Time He Got A Pic With Jennifer Aniston

Maybe it's controversial because she and Gomez are tight, or maybe it's controversial because I'm jealous, or maybe it's both.

9. When He Hung Out With Kourtney Kardashian

Rumors, rumors everywhere.

10. Whenever He Gets A New Tattoo

People go nuts. Always.

11. When He Posted A Far More Controversial Nude Body Part

Feet pictures are non-negotiable, friend. They simply aren't allowed on social media.

See? I'll take a butt photo over all that drama any day.