Ways To Spring Clean When You Just Don't Wanna

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I don't feel like doing any spring cleaning this year, and you probably don't either. Enter these lazy spring cleaning ideas. When it comes to cleaning, I lean towards the lazy side, and trying to get the lazy folk to spring clean is like getting a cat excited for bath time. Just... no. Hard pass. It's the weekend. Why should I have to do anything that isn't extremely fun and rewarding during my limited time off? It's a hard sell, to spend the day cleaning, but in the end, I think we can both agree that a sparkling house is worth the hassle.

And unless you're cool with entering the beautiful days of summer and fall surrounded by clutter, grime, and dust, then you (and I) should figure out a way to power through the spring cleaning process.

Luckily, cleaning hacks were made for lazy people who hate cleaning, so I've got this spring cleaning thing down to a relatively speedy science. You can move quickly, and efficiently throughout your pad and get all of your spring cleaning done in one day, as long as you have a plan of attack. Here are a bunch of spring cleaning tips for everyone who abhors dusting, cleaning, and doing anything soul-suckingly dull on your sacred day off from work.

1. Fuel up on pancakes and caffeine

Nothing gives you a boost of energy like the combination of too much sugar and too much caffeine. It won't last long, and you'll probably crash hard if you slow down for even a moment later in the day, but before the cleaning begins, you need energy assistance — however you can get it.

2. Bust out the Britney

Once you start coming down off that caffeinated sugar high, Britney's greatest hits will be there to catch you and keep you upright. And probably also shakin' the booty while vacuuming.

3. Throw on your slob 'stume

You're about to be elbow-deep in dust and soap scum, so make sure you're as comfortable as possible. We lazies love comfort. And make sure that those comfy clothes aren't in any way new or cute. Because they're seconds away from being ruined.

4. Multitask with all four limbs

Instead of dusting kitchen cabinets and countertops and then cleaning the floor, why not make use of all your extremities by doing both at the same time? Take your duster and run it along high surfaces while standing on dampened wash cloths with cleaner on them and wipe while you swipe — which is way different than using Tinder while in the bathroom, btw.

5. Chug that water

This might not seem like a workout, because you're just doing chores, but it is. You're constantly moving around, probably sweating. Therefore, you need to keep throwing back that water in order to stay hydrated. Because if you lose hydration, that inherent laziness will hit you like a punch in the gut.

6. Be ruthless with clutter

You know how Frank and Claire Underwood will do whatever it takes — no matter how cutthroat or heartless — to remain in the White House? That's how you need to approach your current clutter situation. Remove all emotion and nostalgia from your tangible items, and really determine what you need and what you don't. This will go by so quickly as long as you keep your inner Claire in charge.

7. Keep windows open and candles lit from start to finish

Rather than inhaling harsh chemicals all day while you're cleaning, keep the air in your house as fresh as possible by letting outdoor air in, and mixing it with scented-candle air. It'll be a much more pleasant experience, and it'll give you a taste of how fresh your house will smell once the cleaning is done.

8. Picture the finish line

Just like in a race, the best way to stay motivated is to keep picturing the end result. Whether it's crossing the finish line or getting your house clean, it works. And it'll keep you motivated to keep going until you're done and can check that box on your to-do list.

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