It's Official: February Movies Suck

We all can agree that once the Oscar nominations come out, movies just start sucking, but we never had proof...until now! Slate just posted a chart that shows that February movies really are godawful, and you how it goes charts mean it's legit, because statistics and all that math jazz.

The folks over at Slate compiled all of the Rotten Tomatoes ratings of movies that scored over $1 million at the box office since 2000, grouped them by month, and then averaged each monthly score. February movies scored an average of 45, which is even lower than January — and I thought January was the manifestation of the dearth of all things artistic in Hollywood. Not so! January movies have an average of 48. The highest scoring month is July, with an average of 58 points, and June, November, and December tie for second with 57. Still, pretty low regarding the common index for what is good and what is bad on Rotten Tomatoes (movies can receive up to 100, and as low as 0). For a reference, A high average of 57 means that....both shitty and fantastic movies get released! SCIENCE AND MATH, YA'LL.

But, seriously: for every American Hustle (93% on Rotten Tomatoes right now), there's an I, Frankenstein (a super-low score of 4%), so as long as directors are making art, other directors will be making crap. It's like a metaphor for life, you know?

Image: Getty Images