How Many People Voted In Hawaii? The Democratic Caucus Saw A Lot Of Bernie Sanders Support

Saturday night saw three Western presidential primary races on the Democratic side — that is, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii. Bernie Sanders dominated all three races, with 72.7 percent, 81.6 percent, and 69.8 percent of the vote in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, respectively. Exactly how many voted in Hawaii's Democratic presidential caucus? The turnout for Sanders was an unexpected twist for the Democratic races, as Hillary Clinton has thus far won the majority of primaries and caucuses, but not so much for Sanders' supporters, who have never relinquished faith in their man.

The number of voters who turned out for Hawaii's Saturday caucus appears to be more than 33,000, according to the AP. Furthermore, it is higher than the Republican caucus turnout in Hawaii on March 8, which constituted a grand total of 13,228 voters. The Democratic caucuses therefore nearly tripled the number of voters who came out on March 8, though it's still not nearly the entirety of Hawaii's populace.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014, Hawaii's population is 1.42 million, ranked 40 in population among all 50 states. The number of voters who turned out in each of Saturday's races is not particularly high, given the state's overall population, but that's not atypical for a primary race.

The shakeout of the Democratic results in Hawaii is pretty similar to both Washington and Alaska, not coincidentally. Sanders received 69.8 percent of the population of those who voted. This won him 17 delegates from the state. Clinton received approximately 30 percent of vote and scored eight delegates. Likewise, Sanders earned 25 Democratic precinct delegates to Clinton's nine in Washington, while Alaska gave Sanders 13 delegates to Clinton's three.

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of the funniest stories of Saturday's Hawaii Democratic caucus is the time it took to tally the results. A college student from Ithaca College in New York compiled stats on his dorm room computer, and with the help of anywhere from three to 10 people, broke the story of Sanders' victory to the nation. Caucusing takes some time, and with 33,655 individual votes to count, it never hurts to have the help of friends from across the nation.