12 Things You Stole From Your Sister's Closet

Having a sister is a double edged sword: On one hand, it means double the amount of clothes (stacked '90s fashion, no less, and on the other, it means a lot of fighting over clothes. Having sisters in the '90s basically meant both. And, while I couldn't even wear some of the things I coveted in her closet, it didn't stop me from trying them on.

As the youngest of three sisters and one brother, I always played the role of tagging along, whether it be around the neighborhood or at family events. With ten years between my oldest sister and I, I practically idolized her and everything she did. When she was 17 and in her senior year of high school, I was seven years old, and I still remember being jealous of not only her friends and their activities, but mostly, her closet.

As she went off to college, and I reached my early tween years, I would look through her closet, picturing what I'd look like in those clothes. Realistically, of course, nothing fit. But my other older sister, five years my senior, was closer to my age — I envied her spaghetti straps, flared jeans, and tube tops, and desperately tried to get away with wearing those same things.

Looking back, now that I've seen '90s trends are practically everywhere, I'm reminded of those days as a little girl, watching movies like She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You and being so jealous of those teens in the movies, and my older sisters. Shout out to all those things I tried to take from her closet.

1. Sunglasses

These were the ultimate sunnies in the late '90s, and I used to sneak into my sisters room to try to steal these.

2. Spaghetti Strap Dresses

With a little purse, too? Magic.

3. Crop Tops

Including the ones she cut herself.

4. Tie Tops

These were huge this era, and my sister had them in literally every color.

5. Chokers

There was nothing cooler than the choker and tank top combination.

6. All The Vests

Denim, suede, corduroy, you name it, she had it, and I took it.

7. Cropped Cardigans

Without an undershirt, unbuttoned. Except I was way too scared to wear them sans t-shirt.

8. Denim Jackets

It was way too big for me, but that made it so much cooler.

9. Headbands

In literally every color.

10. Chunky Sweaters

We were so obsessed with her angsty attitude and even angstier clothing.

11. Mini Skirts

And, they'd be way, way too big on me. But a cute belt would do the trick.

12. Plaid Everything

Skirts, shirts, socks, everything.

While, now, we totally exchange clothes without sneaking around, there was definitely a time when I was terrified she'd find me wearing one of her tops. So much so that I used to put on a different one to head to school, and change into it once I got there. We've all done this trick before.

Shout out to you, older sis, for teaching me everything I know about fashion, and (unknowingly) letting me borrow your clothes.

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