How To Use Tinder's Swipe To Vote Feature To Help You Find Mr. Or Mrs. Right Candidate

In a karmic ploy to make up for every bad Tinder date you've suffered through, the popular dating app is taking an altruistic detour to strengthen our democracy. Partnering with Rock the Vote, Tinder created a "Swipe the Vote" campaign to help voters decide which candidate's views they align with the most. You answer 10 questions on issues like gay marriage, drilling for oil, and the Affordable Care Act to figure out which Democratic or Republican presidential candidate feels the same way. Interested in getting your civic duty on? Here's how you can swipe right (or left) for democracy.

You'll need to make yourself a Tinder account. There's no way to participate unless you're a user. You can log in with Facebook to create an account, which will populate it with profile photos if you decide to stay around and do some actual online dating afterwards. Then you'll have to start using Tinder, swiping left and right through potential matches.

Eventually — as long as you're based in the United States — a special video card will load with the "Swipe the Vote" logo. Then you just need to tap on the card, and then swipe right for the stance agree with or left for the ones you don't. You can also click the issues cards for more information, if you need to learn more.

Once you swipe through all the issues, Tinder will announce which candidate you agree with the most. You can also see how your views match up with the other candidates. Click on the candidates to read their views on issues particularly important to you.

The poll has been open since Wednesday, and the preliminary results are already in — although Tinder will keep the feature active throughout the general election. The Tinder millennials are feeling the Bern, although Hillary Clinton is not far behind. Bernie Sanders has captured 37.8 percent of the matches, but Clinton is only 200 behind. The race is truly neck and neck (or swipe and swipe?).

Interestingly, more men have swiped right for Clinton, despite her usual success at the polls with women. She was ahead by three percentage points among men, matching with 35.5 percent versus Sanders’ 32.7. The opposite held true for Sanders. He outperformed Clinton among women, with 43.4 percent, compared to 39.9 percent matching with Clinton.

Third place went to Republican candidate Ted Cruz. He matched with 14.3 percent of Tinder users who participated. Trump got just 8.1 percent. Now if only Tinder would warn you when you're looking at a Trump supporter, so you'd know to swipe left.