You Can Take A Tour Of Paris In Two Minutes

by Kat George
Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If you want to deal with the crippling reality of not being in Paris right now, this tour of Paris in two minutes will make you feel momentarily better. The video is a time lapse of the most beautiful city in the world, and will transport you for a couple of minutes so you can forget that you're sitting at your desk, working, not in Paris. The short film is made by Tyler Fairbank of Light Owl Productions, and took two weeks to create. Last year, Fairbank visited the City of Light and documented its comings and goings with his camera in order to make Bonjour Paris. Forget selfie sticks and fanny packs — Fairbank has redefined what it means to be a tourist with his artful video.

Fairbank shot on a handheld camera, sometimes employing a tripod, and you'll be awed by how beautiful and professional his shots of Paris and Paris life are. There are all the sights you'll recognized, from the Mona Lisa to the Eiffel Tower, as well as the bustle of the Paris streets. Who needs Paris when you've got this time lapse? (Everyone, everyone needs Paris, but for now, this will have to do until we can save up enough money and vacation days to fly over there and eat it up with our own eyes.) Here are some of the most beautiful scenes from Bonjour Paris:

1. The Louvre

In reality, the Louvre could take you a whole day to traverse. It's huge, and filled with iconic art to linger over. Like the Mona Lisa, who, on a busy day, you'll have to line up to get a glimpse of.

2. The Paris Streets

Not all of Paris is in the iconic art and landmarks you read about in tourist guides. So much of the city's beauty is in the simple things, like its gorgeous building and their elaborate doorways.

3. The Eiffel Tower

Just a small structure in the middle of Paris. Heard of it?

4. The Catacombs

Hidden underneath Paris the catacombs are absolutely incredible, and something of a lesser known tourist attraction. Stacked with the bones of six million Parisians exhumed from Saint Innocents in the late 1700s and moved into the old limestone quarries under the city, the catacombs will give you chills (and take a lot longer to explore than the flash in this video).

5. Notre Dame

The Cathedral of Notre Dame with its gargoyles and stained glass windows is an icon of Paris. It's unclear whether or not the infamous hunchback still lives upstairs or not.

Watch the entire video below, and pretend you're in Paris for two minutes:

Images: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images; Giphy (5) Tyler Fairbank/Vimeo