Michelle Obama Gives Justin Bieber's Mom Advice But She Shouldn't Have To

Justin Bieber's mother just got some parenting advice from none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. During a recent interview with Univision Radio, Obama was asked what she would do if she was in Mama Bieber's shoes. The First Lady answered, saying she encourages action, rather than advice.

"I would pull him close," she said. "I would be very present in his life right now. And I would be probably with him a good chunk of the time, just there to talk, to figure out what’s going on in his head, to figure out who’s in his life and who’s not."

Bieber's actual mom, Pattie Mallette also recently spoke out about her son, giving advice to the public in regards to their treatment of his recent transgressions. “If Justin’s struggling, don’t kick him when he’s down or condemn him — pray for him," she said.

Though Obama's advice to Mallette is on point, it begs the question of why she even had to comment in the first place. Since when are Bieber's actions worthy of the presidential recognition? Unfortunately, the FLOTUS' question isn't the only Bieber-related thing the White House has to comment on.

After a We the People petition asking President Obama to deport Justin Bieber garnered more than 250,000 signatures, the White House announced that it is required to respond to the petition and that it will release a statement soon.

As important as Bieber and his fans think he is, he does not deserve and should not demand attention from our nation's leaders. There are actual important newsworthy events that the President and Michelle Obama need to be dealing with, they should not be forced to respond to, of all things, celebrity news.

With that in mind, I have my own advice for everyone when dealing with Bieber: Let's please just ignore him. The more attention he gets, negative or positive, the more relevant you keep him. If you don't like dealing with him, you don't have to deport him; just turn your attention elsewhere. It's that simple.

Hopefully, in the future the White House gets the chance to ignore him as well.

Image: Getty Images; leftphalange/Tumblr