8 "Ultralight Prayer" Lyrics That Will Inspire You & Make You Think

On Easter Sunday, Kanye released an extended version of the prayer at the end of "Ultralight Beam" a song in his album The Life of Pablo via his Twitter page. The "Ultralight Prayer" lyrics are pretty inspiring, and they don't even feature Yeezy's voice. Instead, it showcases Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price, the gospel singers on "Ultralight Beam," doing what they do best: singing their hearts out and preaching robustly. Kanye has called TLOP a gospel album, a theme he demonstrated with use of organs, samples of gospel music, and gospel choirs –– and this reworking certainly caters to that theme.

Instead of being a "God Dream" like the song it comes from,"Ultralight Beam," the "Prayer" seems much less confident in its religiousness, speaking instead of a relationship with faith being tested. Even if gospel isn't your thing, or religious and political themes aren't something you like to hear in your day to day life, the insane vocals, lyrics, and composition of "Ultralight Prayer" are inspiring.

The following are some of the lyrics from the song that one can find inspiring no matter what situation they find themselves in.

1. "This Prayer Is For Everyone That Feels They're Not Good Enough."


We can all identify with this notion, whether we are just a lowly entertainment writer or Kanye West or Batman. It's nice to know someone is out there looking out for us.

2. "Give Up All Those Things That Pull Our Hearts Away."


It's not a bad idea to take a minute every now and again and meditate. Or to stop doing things that pull one's heart from doing the right thing.

3. "But I Won't Make It... If You Let Go Of My Hand."


Whatever beliefs you've got going on, there's some cause that needs fighting for. And we all need someone to help us out, and sometimes maybe even to hold our hand.

4. "Yes, I'm Searching For You, I'm Looking For More."


It seems like all anyone is doing is looking for more — something that will give this confusing and often painful life meaning.

5. "They're Killing Our Babies In The Streets, I Call Out For War."


How does the same awful thing keep happening? This lyric is a cry for change, and I like to think that's something we can all get behind regardless of race or religion.

6. "I Just Need A Little Bit More Of Some Faith. Just A Mustard Seed, I'm Looking For You For More."


The lyrics seem to suggest need for a new movement to make change, and that all that is needed is the smallest amount of faith to accomplish this. It makes me want to start leafletting stat.

7. "We Just Want To Be Safe."


All everyone wants it that their family is safe. And that's a great unifier of all the people.

8. "Can't You Hear The Trumpet Sound?"


The trumpet is a big thing in biblical lore. In the Old Testament, Joshua and the Israelis knocked down the walls of Jericho simply by blowing a trumpet and marching around the perimeter of the city. Meanwhile in "Jesus Walks" Kanye says "We at war. We at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all we at war with ourselves." It's not clear if the war referenced in "Ultralight Prayer" is with ourselves or injustice, but both are a pretty inspiring war we all must fight.

Yeezy has done it again. He's created content that makes us think and makes us talk. With "Ultralight Prayer," we are reminded of all that is unjust and uncertain and that all of us, no matter what walk of life, want the lack of justice and all the uncertainty to end.

You can listen to the song below to feel the inspiration flow through you.

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