Chrissy Has The Best Response To "Lowndvitz"

Whenever random news is causing a stir across social media, leave it to Chrissy Teigen to react in the most perfect way. If you haven't heard, it appears that actors Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes are dating. They revealed their so-called "secret relationship" over Easter weekend, and on Monday, Chrissy Teigen tweeted about Lovitz and Lowndes' news. As fans of the model might expect, her response is spot-on, hilarious, and what I'm sure most people are thinking about this seemingly odd pairing.

The 30-year-old author tweeted, "I smell April fools on this lowndes/lovitz relationship but if I'm wrong whoops jk screw everyone f the haters do you, you two." She then added, "All the smarties know to start f*ckin with people now for a successful April fool. Hell I started months ago."

Side note: If Teigen really does have something in store for April Fools' Day, I can't wait to see what she's been planning. But back to this whole romance between the former 90210 star and the man who once tried to woo Rachel Green on Friends. Admittedly, after hearing that these two are dating, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind, and Teigen's tweet sums up all of them.

Firstly, don't tell me you didn't think all of this was a joke upon hearing about Lovitz and Lowndes. Obviously, April Fools' is right around the corner, so it would make sense. Secondly, if it's not a prank or something for Funny or Die, then as long as they are happy, who cares? Granted, their relationship is unexpected, but oh well. Plus, they don't really seem to mind what anyone is thinking or saying.

Whether this is all a joke remains to be seen, but they sure seem serious about each other. On March 24, Lowndes teased on Snapchat and Instagram, "There's a new man in my life ..." From that moment on, she continued to share cryptic photos about this man, writing at one point, "His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories." Then, on March 25, she shared a photo of herself wearing an engagement ring. She even said in a video clip, "No, I haven't been hacked. I'm just really excited to be able to finally share this secret with you guys."

It wasn't until Easter Sunday, when Lovitz tweeted a picture of the two chilling in his car together, that they revealed 27-year-old Lowndes' mysterious new man is the 58-year-old Saturday Night Live alum. He captioned the photo, "Easter with my bunny, @jessicalowndes !!!"

Are they engaged? Are they just dating? Are they just purposely causing a stir to get a reaction and to make headlines? Who the heck knows. Based on the amount of photos, snaps, and videos Lowndes has been sharing, I'm sure more information will come about soon enough.

Oh, and for those wondering about how they met, well, it could've been during the filming of CBS' Hawaii Five-O. They both appeared in a Season 5 episode. Whatever the case, they sure appear happy, which I guess is all that matters. However, it's still hard to not wonder if there is something larger behind their huge announcement. Clearly, Chrissy even thinks so.

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