Who Is Joe Maye From 'The Voice'? He's Been Honing His Talent For Years

This season of The Voice is really shaping up to be pretty amazing. First, we finally got our beloved Christina Aguilera back in the judge's chair. Without her amazing hair and sass, things just didn't flow exactly like they should have for a couple of seasons. One of her first orders of business that she tended to was snatching up the absolutely amazing Voice contestant Joe Maye for her team during the blind auditions.

You may remember him as the contestant that absolutely slayed his performance of "I Put A Spell On You" during his blind audition. The 24-year-old was so phenomenal, in fact, that Christina felt compelled to have a stage hand bring a microphone to her immediately so that she could sing it alongside him. How many people can say that they have performed with a superstar? Joe can. The young Baltimore native has a voice that doesn't come around all the time, and it was actually astounding that only Christina and Blake turned their chairs for him. Since then, he has blown his way through the knockout rounds and has surely made Pharrell and Adam wish they had hit their buttons as well. Here's everything you need to know about the rising star.

He's Auditioned Before

Viewers were probably shocked to hear that Joe had auditioned for three previous seasons of The Voice and didn't get anyone to turn their chairs around. Blake was seemingly embarrassed when this was brought up while he negotiated to get Joe on his team. Christina ended up snagging him. Well Blake, you snooze, you lose!

He Was A Singing Waiter

According to his website, in high school Joe worked as a performing waiter on a cruise ship. He credits this unusual job as helping him become comfortable with performing. Adorable.

He Had Awful Stage Fright

According to an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Joe says that he actively avoided performing solo parts during his time as a singing waiter on cruise ships. He said, "They would be looking for me. They would call my name, and I would literally hide." Apparently Joe has conquered that fear since he was able to perform with Christina Aguilera!

He's Become A Pretty Seasoned Performer

Joe's Instagram is full of photos of him performing in recording studios and during various live performances. He obviously has been honing his talent for quite a while. It shows his commitment to his craft.

He Has A Band

Joe has a band called "Joe Maye & Thee H Collective." They must be doing pretty well because they recently won National Harbors' "Battle of the Bands," according to MTV.

Personally, I can't wait to continue watching Joe knock out the completion this season. I think he has a real shot at bringing Team Christina the title this time around.

Images: Tyler Golden/NBC