How To Turn Instagram Notifications Off

There was widespread panic in Instagram land today when the app's rumored algorithm change motivated various brands and celebs to ask followers to turn on post notifications so that their pics wouldn't get lost in the no-longer-chronological shuffle. So, now that you've turned on post notifications and discovered that they are really annoying, how do you turn off Instagram post notifications? It's very simple.

First of all, turning on the notifications for those 'grammers you particularly care about is not yet necessary. While Instagram's upcoming algorithm change will, much like Facebook, arrange your feed based on those Instagram accounts it thinks you care about most (based on likes, interaction, and searches), as of today the change has not been made and feeds are still showing up chronologically. An Instagram spokesperson tells Bustle "This will be a gradual rollout — we'll have more to share before we launch it more broadly ... we will do extensive testing within the community to make sure we get this right, and some details will be determined during this testing period."

So, you can continue consuming your Instagram as per usual, without worrying that those accounts you interact with less but still care about will disappear into Internet oblivion. And while you may want to eventually turn on notifications for certain accounts, it's not necessary yet. If you turned on post notifications at the urging of certain accounts today, you can easily turn them off.

Just go to the account's Instagram and click the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the frame, to the right of the username.

Once you touch the dots, a menu will pop up that will give you the option to turn off post notifications.

Simply select that option and voila, no more incessant notifications every time a member of the Kardashian family changes her lip color.