Are Kylie Lip Kits Becoming Easier To Get?

The latest Kylie Lip Kit restock has come and gone, with all eight shades of the mega matte liquid lipsticks totally selling out again. No shock there, as it's kult product. The Kylie Lip Kit restocks have been happening with increasing frequency, proving that Kylie Jenner and her team are trying their hardest for supply to meet the increasing and insane demand, meaning Kylie Lip Kits should be easier to get right? Well, it's not that simple.

Despite the near-weekly restocks and the introduction of new, beautiful colors to the KLK family, shoppers and Lip Kit koveteurs continue to be shut out from purchasing these magic mattes, leading to elevated frustration and anger and lots of Kylie Lip Kit restock-related tweets.

Yesterday, the Kylie Cosmetics site crashed, due to an overload of users furiously attempting to shop, only to find out the KLK they were trying to buy sold out mid-purchase. Empty-handed and bare-lipped fans, many of them international, were agitated, suggesting a pre-sale or other fixes for this recurring problem.

Below is the apologetic post from the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, which called attention to the site crash. You can sense Jenner's disappointment with being unable to get a Lip Kit into the hands and onto the lips of everyone who wants one. You'll notice her promise to restock almost every week and you'll notice the commenters expressing their irritation.

Personally —and please know that I am not bragging nor am I rubbing salt in the makeup wound here, because I sense the genuine exasperation of shoppers— I managed to snag a Posie K and a Dolce K yesterday within the first 10 minutes of the on-sale. Yes, I experienced multiple error messages while entering my information. Yes, I had to refresh several times before my sale went through. But I was methodical, careful, and patient about refreshing and I was on a super fast WiFi connection.

I have successfully shopped Candy K and Koko K several times, as well, so it's definitely not as hard as it has been in the past. In fact, every time I shop, I end up making my purchase sooner in the hour. There are a lot of factors that could lead to an increased degree of difficulty in obtaining a Lip Kit, from international connectivity to how fast you can type to your location.

Overall, Kylie Lip Kits remain hard to get for some and easy to get for others. It's a simple question with a complicated answer. Let's hope, especially for people for whom Lip Kits remain elusive, that Jenner's team is working on a resolution that will eventually mean even more Lip Kits are manufactured, that a stronger, faster, and more powerful site will be able to handle volume, or that they will eventually be sold in more places.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)